Weekly News: February 3 -7

Thank you for returning the report card envelope and your comments! I love hearing from you. If you have not sent in your report card cover please do so this week. I will need that for their 4th marking period report card.

Happenings this week:

Tuesday, February 4 –Solid, Liquid, Gas Experiment= Rootbeer Floats. We have learned so much from Miss Fair about the States of Matter. Tuesday she will close the unit with a fun filled, yummy, experiment.

Friday, February 7: Early Dismissal–AM Kindergarten attends 9:00 – 1:30. No PM Kindergarten.

What should your child be working on each night?

Read to an adult each night: 10 – 20 minutes. Students should be bringing home books in their reading folders. Please sign the book when they read it to you fluently, accurately, and with tone. (We are working on not sounding like a robot.) Sometimes they may bring home a writing assignment. We are working on sentence structure and remembering that every sentence starts with a capital, has space between the words, and ends with a punctuation mark.

Sight word cards: We have been sending home a bag with RED color words in their STAR folder. Each night they should review the color they have. When the come to school, as time allows (or volunteers allow) we will test them on those words. They must go through the pack two times without error. Once they can do that, we give them the next set. Again they will be tested on all cards in their bag and need to be error free two times. Many students have passed the first two colors and I haven’t finished putting the Rainbow Wall up yet! Please send their bag of words back to school every day.

Math/Sight word Worksheet: 2-3 times a week a Math homework paper will come home. Other days will be a sightword sheet.

FUNWORK: This is a great worksheet that is on an early first grade level. Most likely they will need your help. If your child is not bringing them home, and you would like me to “suggest” they take one, let me know.

VALENTINES DAY: A pink paper will come home Monday with the specifics about valentines. Participation is optional.

Looking ahead:

Friday, February 14: Valentine’s Day classroom fun

Monday, February 17: No School–President’s Day

Field Trip: Save the date! AM Field Trip to the Hand on House is scheduled for Friday, April 24. PM Field Trip to the Hands on House is scheduled for Friday, May 8.

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