First Grade Sight Words

When we left school on March 13, many students were ready to move into the first grade sight words! Way to go Kindergarten! Here is our first grade sight words list. I will add this to our A Place for Home Learning Resources. I also added printable fundations writing paper.

First Grade Sight Words

Reading on your child’s level….FREE 90 Days. Raz Kids and Headsprout, these are programs that our school uses!! I talked to our reading specialist, Mrs. Flores, and she suggested to sign up for Headsprout first. Headsprout has more reading skills and phonic and letter sound recognition. I went on and signed up as a teacher and used my daughter as my student. Then log out and log in where it says, Kids Login (it’s a green sign, I missed it the first time), and have your student take the placement test. I really liked the format and moved through the placement test quickly. At the end they gave me a Reading Room to choose from so many books at my level.

Click here for Headsprout

Free Access to Headsprout for the Rest of the School Year
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