No Face2Face Friday :(

I am so sorry that I got so excited to do a Face2Face, unfortunately we do not have the districts permission to start that as this time. I think they are trying to work out any issues. I understand that in one google meet someone hacked in and it wasn’t a pleasant person coming into the meeting. I would never want to subject my students to anything inappropriate, so I am going to wait to get the go ahead from the district. Instead, I will post a video to say hi to the students tomorrow and hopefully they will forgive me for not doing a live chat with them.

One Kindergarten blogger I trust and follow is SimplyKinder. I use many of her videos to teach concepts we are learning in class. Click on the picture for virtual field trips and books read by authors and celebrities. I will also put this in the “A Place for Home Learning Resources” tab.

Again, I am so sorry about the no face to face tomorrow. I’m hoping it will be the way we can communicate in the near future!

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