Thursday, May 14

Kinser Lunch and Listen 12- 12:30   Tuesday and Thursday…Come have lunch with Miss Fair and me and listen to a book at 12:10. We have a guest reader!!

Remote Learning Opportunities –Kindergarten (Use this link to see the whole week, I will be posting just the day’s lesson below.)

Thursday, May 14
ELA:  Choose 2 ELA activities each day
Phonemic AwarenessClick on the link for the activity. Mrs. Kinser’s Phonemic Awareness LessonRhyme Time: Mary Had a Little Lamb
PhonicsSilent e song
Silent E review with Mrs. Kinser
Sight Word Activity
Sight Words ListTake the pile of sight words cards. Add two to four cards with ZAP written on them. Play ZAP with a person in your home. Each person picks a card and reads the word. If they can read the word correctly they get to keep the card. If they get it wrong, it goes back in the pile.  If they get a ZAP card  they have to put all their cards back in the pile. Count up the cards at the end of the game, when the pile is empty. The person with the most cards wins. 
Solid Shape Review VideoWatch this SOLID SHAPE VIDEO to review solid shapes with our Kindergarten friend Jack Hartmann.
Solid Shapes in Our WorldWatch this VIDEO to see Miss Ansel review solid shapes and explain the solid shape activity.Create your dream room. This could be a dream bedroom, play room, kitchen, living room, movie theater, etc. Use your creativity! Be sure to use all five solid shapes (sphere, cube, cone, cylinder, pyramid) in your drawing. If you would like, you may print this SOLID SHAPE PAPER to use in your drawing. This paper has all five solid shapes in various sizes. You can color and cut out the shapes to use in your dream room drawing. Have fun and be creative!
Extra Fun with Solid ShapesFor an extra activity if you would like, go on a walk with your child inside or outside. See how many solid shapes (sphere, cube, cone, cylinder, pyramid) you can spot. Talk about the shapes with your child and help them notice solid shape features (faces, edges, vertices).
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