Tuesday, May 19

Kinser Lunch and Listen 12- 12:30   Tuesday and Thursday…Come have lunch with Miss Fair and me and listen to a book at 12:10. We have a guest reader!!

Wednesday Weekly Meeting: May 20 Show and Share. This week you have a choice of either showing us something that is special to you, or you can share a special memory about kindergarten. This will be our last sharing time, next Wednesday, I hope to announce who will be in your class next year.

Wednesday, May 20: 10:00 AM Kinder Google Meet – 10:30 PM Kinder Google Meet

Remote Learning Opportunities –Kindergarten (Use this link to see the whole week, I will be posting just the day’s lesson below.)


Tuesday, May 19
ELA:  Choose 2 ELA activities each day
Phonemic AwarenessClick here to go to the Phonemic Awareness Lesson with Mrs. MulderWatch and listen for the rhyming words in this nursery rhyme.  It’s Raining, It’s Pouring  
Sight WordsUse the online flashcards to review your words.  You can listen to the words, read the words or you can practice typing the words.
Sight Word List
PhonicsR Blends Video: Listen to the r blends used in words and in the sentences.  Be sure to say the words with the video.  As a challenge, write all of the words you heard and saw with r blends on a piece of paper.  How many words did you write?
Counting by Tens to a HundredTeacher Video: Counting by Tens
Activity One: Follow the example in the video and write by tens to a hundred.  Do this by counting by tens.  So you will write: 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100.
Activity Two: Practice counting by tens to a hundred.  You could do this by dropping 10 coins in a cup and counting.  Or you could go outside and hop while you practice counting by tens to a hundred.
Activity Three: Watch this video and climb the mountain with Jack Hartmann while you count by 10’s.
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