LAST Friday Message Please Read

Usually there is a video here, but my allergies took a turn for the worse this week and I woke up with red swollen itchy eyes. I don’t want to scare the kids on this last post for news of the week.

BIRTHDAYS: This coming week we celebrate Sofia M with her Tuesday, May 26 birthday and Paige’s birthday a little early on June 28! Happy Birthday Sofia and Paige!!!!

Happenings on the last week of school:

Wednesday: LAST Class Meeting. This day you get to find out who will be with you in your first grade class. You will find out your teachers through your report cards. You can check in Sapphire (I’m not sure of that date) or when the hard copy of the report card is mailed to you the first week of June.

Wednesday, May 27: 10:00 AM Kinder Google Meet – 10:30 PM Kinder Google Meet

BIG SURPRISE: After our google meetings, Miss Fair and I are packing up some goodies and dropping them off at your house! If you are not able to come outside to get the goodies, that’s ok, please listen to your parents and stay inside, we will put it on your doorstep.

If you see us coming and can be outside, we would love to hand you the goodies and take a quick picture. Miss Fair and I will wear masks and use hand sanitizer before each stop.

If we were in school, the last three days would be very relaxed, with lots of games and reading stories. The remote learning opportunities reflects that schedule. Enjoy the books read by all the teachers and some activities for review. I highly recommend the book, Time to Graduate. 🙂

Remote Learning Opportunities –Kindergarten

Hope to see you all WEDNESDAY, May 27!

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