The Last Week of School May 26-28

Wednesday: LAST Class Meeting. This day you get to find out who will be with you in your first grade class. You will find out your teachers through your report cards. You can check in Sapphire (I’m not sure of that date) or when the hard copy of the report card is mailed to you the first week of June.

Wednesday, May 27: 10:00 AM Kinder Google Meet – 10:30 PM Kinder Google Meet

BIG SURPRISE: After our google meetings, Miss Fair and I are packing up some goodies and dropping them off at your house! If you are not able to come outside to get the goodies, that’s ok, please listen to your parents and stay inside, we will put it on your doorstep.

If you see us coming and can be outside, we would love to hand you the goodies and take a quick picture. Miss Fair and I will wear masks and use hand sanitizer before each stop.

Review for Week of May 26-28There are no activities to turn in to your teacher this week.
ELA Review

Watch Mrs. Drexel’s writing video.
Use the tips she talked about to make pages for a Kindergarten Memory Book.  You can print these pages and fill them in or have a grown up write the sentence starters on blank paper for you to complete.
Memory Book Cover – YOU are the author.Page 1 – Write about yourself.Page 2 – Write about your school & your teacher.Page 3 – Write about your friends.Page 4 – Write about recess.Page 5 – Write about what you learned.Page 6 – Write about going to first grade.
When you are finished, staple your pages together to make your own Kindergarten Memory Book.
Sight Words Practice reading, writing, and spelling all 49 of the sight words.  You will need to know all of these words when you go to first grade.
Sight Word List
Read Alouds:  
For our final week, we thought you would enjoy hearing from all of the kindergarten teachers.  You may choose to listen to each one of them or just your kindergarten teacher.  
Central Manor:  Time to Graduate read by Mrs. Kinser
Central Manor: Cars: Look and Find read by Mrs. Glenn
Conestoga: Quick as a Cricket read by Mrs. Witmer
Eshleman: The 3 Little Fish and the Big Bad Shark read by Mrs. Sproul
Hambright: Be Brave Little One read by Miss Rivera
Hambright: Don’t Eat the Teacher read by Ms. Kyper
LeTort: Down to the Sea with Mr. Magee read by Mrs. Geiter
Martic:  Commotion in the Ocean read by Mrs. Mulder
Pequea:  Pete the Cat and His Magic Sunglasses read by Mrs. Drexel  
Math Review
Review math goals for the yearIn this section, you will find 9 kindergarten math goals. Practice these concepts. The goal is to have each of these mastered before going to 1st grade. 
Goal 1Count to 50
-Watch this video to practice counting to 50 
Goal 2Identify 0-20
-Click through this PowerPoint to practice identifying your numbers 0-20
Goal 3Write numbers 0-20 
-Watch this video to count to 20 as a warm-up
-Use this worksheet or create your own if you can write numbers 0-20 on your own
-Use this worksheet or create your own if you need more practice with writing numbers 0-20
Goal 4Match number sets 0-20
-Watch this video to practice counting number sets 
-Use this worksheet to practice counting on your own
Goal 5Completes simple addition problems within 10
-Watch this addition video
-Many online games for both addition and subtraction
-This is a link to several online addition games  Some of them even have pictures to help you add
-You can always use the games and memory cards from last week’s addition activities
Goal 6Complete simple subtraction problems within 10
-Watch this video about subtraction
-You can always use the games and memory cards from last week’s subtraction activities
Goal 7Identifies 2D shapes
– Watch this video and review the characteristics of 2D shapes
-This is a link to a variety of geometry games including  2D and 3D shapes
-For 2D and 3D shapes you can always do hunts around the house and outside the house to search for shapes.
Goal 8Identifies 3D shapes
-Watch this video about 3D shapes
-This video is a name that shape game
-This online game matched 3D shapes to real world objects
-This link has several games for 2D and 3D shapes
Goal 9Classify and sort objects
-Watch this video to practice ways we can sort objects in kindergarten. This video focuses on size and color, but we also sort by shape. 
-Take a look at this resource to practice sorting by shape, color, and size.
-Print this worksheet out or create your own. Cut and sort the objects by shape, size, and/or color. 
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