Weekly News: September 14 – 18

First full week of school! WOW!

Math: We will finish up the chapter and take our first test. We will move on to positional words in the next chapter. Thank you for NOT sending back the packets we do each day. If your child is excited about something they finished at home, take a picture of it and send it to me. I would love to see what they are proud of.

Language Arts: We continue to work on the first sounds in words, letter names and letter sounds. We are learning to write lower case letters, t,b,f. We also will continue printing our names with a capital letter to start our name, and lower case letters for the rest of our name.

I am working on getting our computers signed in and ready for us to explore. A big thank you to Mrs. Neff who has taken on this huge task. If you have headphones or earbuds, keep sending them along with your child. Some keep their labeled headphones in their basket at school while others I see take back and forth in their backpacks, whichever works for you is fine!!

We are working hard in our classroom! If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at connie.kinser@pennmanor.net.

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