Weekly News: September 21 -25

Happenings this week: It’s another five day week! Friday, September 25 is Apple Day in our Kindergarten class.

Let’s talk about what happened this past week and the papers that came home on Friday.

  1. Yellow paper for permission to let your child eat Apples on Apple Day AND several of the snacks that I use for what I call Edible Math. Nothing motivates kindergarten learning than using snacks as our manipulative. PLEASE send that paper back to me ASAP. If you would like to help me purchase these snacks I wouldn’t say no. The only stipulation this year is that the snacks have to be individually packaged. I can’t reach into a bag of goldfish and put some on a plate for a student. 🙁
  2. Picture Day flyer. You can sign up online to buy pictures, or send back the envelope with your check. PLEASE let me know if you signed up online. The photographer needs to know if a student has a portrait packaged ordered from the teacher. All students will have their picture taken. If you want a class picture, you need to buy that through the portrait package.
  3. Seesaw information. Seesaw is our online backup if we have to teach virtual due to the corona virus. For now, we are learning how to use seesaw on the computers we have at school. I will post an assignment today in case you would like to see how you child can sign in and use it as a student. The family app/sign in lets you see your child’s work and contact me through messaging right in the app. I’m still learning too, so it’s still faster to contact me through email.

Looking Ahead:

September 25, Apple Day

September 29, Picture Day

October 9, Early Dismissal: PM Kindergarten attends school 9:00 – 1:30. No AM Kindergarten.

October 11, No School: Columbus Day

Questions or concerns? Email me at connie.kinser@pennmanor.net

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