Weekly News: March 29 – April 1

Weekly News: March 29 – April 1


On Thursday April 2, I planned a Hap -PEEP Day in class. I have a slight problem with marshmallow peeps and it has run into my classroom. On Thursday we will have a day dedicated to those marshmallow treats in our reading, writing, and math. We will NOT eat the peeps, they will bring them home. We will look for plastic egg filled with Starburst Jelly Beans for our Math activities. If you DO NOT want your child to eat the jelly beans, please let me know. (If you want to keep this a secret from your child, I’m ok with that…they will have a fun surprise when they walk in on Thursday.)

The day will get a bit messy with us making Peep Putty. Try to have your child wear something that if food coloring gets on it, you won’t be too upset. We will be as careful as we can.

Looking forward to a HapPeep week with your children!!

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