Weekly News: May 31 – June 2

Thankful for Memorial Day to take time to spend with family and reflect on the meaning of the day. Tuesday, we will learn a little more about Memorial Day.

Here we are at the last week of school! We do not have a Kindergarten graduation but students will get to meet the First Grade teachers on their last day. You can find out who your child will have next year on their report card on Sapphire.

Alphabet Countdown:
Tuesday: X – eXercise and our Walk in nature was rained out so we will do that too.

Wednesday: Y – You!

Thursday: Z – Zoom into Summer! Meeting first grade teachers, organizing our classroom, bringing home Kindergarten goodies.

Thursday, June 2: Last day of Kindergarten

Friday, June 3: Last day for Elementary students. Report cards posted on Sapphire.

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