Kindergarten Readiness Skills

Many studies show that parents’ involvement in school is more important to their children’s academic success than the parents’ level of education or income. By showing interest in their children’s education, parents can spark their children’s enthusiasm, showing them that learning, both inside and outside of school, is enjoyable and rewarding. For children to be successful in school, parents must be actively engaged in their children’s learning. 

Tips for at Home

Encourage your child to read. It’s the single most important thing that you can do to help your child succeed in school. Read with your child right from the start, and make sure there are lots of reading materials in the house.

Talk with your child. Talking and listening are major components of children’s school success. By having many opportunities to use and hear spoken language, children are given a tremendous advantage, picking up the language skills they will need to do well in school.

Encourage your child to be responsible and work independently.
Make it clear to your child that he or she has to take responsibility for actions both at home and at school.

These Kindergarten readiness checklists are a great way to work with your child on academics needed to be mastered in the classroom. 



There is a lot of good research based information on our Penn Manor Tiny Comets Program web page. Look and explore the many programs available to your pre-kindergartner and activities to work on with your current kindergartner.