Happy Birthday!


In third grade, we enjoy honoring students on their birthday. We also want to be sensitive to students who have allergies. We will enjoy many traditions that go along with acknowledging birthdays or half birthdays (if students have a summer birthday they can celebrate it sometime through the year!). The birthday child’s name will be announced on the morning announcements, the class will sing the “Happy Birthday” song, and families have the option of bringing in treats for his or her classmates. Please know that you do not have to send treats or gifts with your child on his or her birthday. If you do feel the need to send something for your child to enjoy with her or his classmates, please follow the birthday guidelines below.

  • Foods made at home may not be distributed within the school.  Any snack brought in must have an ingredient list.
  • We will allow birthday celebrations with food to be brought in only if PRIOR arrangements have been made with the teacher.  If prior arrangements have not been made, the teacher may choose not to utilize the snack that day.