MU Study Buddy Summer Program

The MU Study Buddy program is being carried over through the summer. The program is FREE. 
The link in the post makes it easy for parents to sign-up online.  All sessions are done remotely.

This is an excerpt from the link: Millersville University buddies are happy to help with specific areas of educational need.  For example: multiplication tables, spelling words, reading/writing, even telling time, are skills we can continue to work on throughout the summer.  In lieu of the academic piece during the school year, are there any additional subjects, hobbies, and/or extracurriculars that you would like the buddies to (remotely) meet about?  For example: maybe a specific sport, type of art, music, video games, etc.

Virtual Coding Camp

Virtual Coding Camp 2020.png

This summer Mrs. Foster and Mrs. Keller will be offering a Virtual Opportunity for students who will be going into 5th and 6th grade in the fall.

  • Students will have an initial online meeting with Mrs. Keller or Mrs. Foster in June they will join a CSFirst classroom online to 
  • receive coding instructions and access to Google’s CSFirst coding videos.
  • After the initial CSFirst sessions, students will be able to navigate the self-paced lessons to create fun engaging coding projects.
  • Click on the ink to complete a form if you are interested in participating there is no cost in participating.
  • Internet is required.  This camp is available to Penn Manor students at no cost.

Judy KellerTechnology Training Consultant
Google Certified Educator
Penn Manor School District
Twitter @pmgooglegoddess717-872-9500 x2351

End of Year Student Showcase!

This has been a challenging end to our school year, but students and parents alike, have risen to the occasion and worked hard and supported one another to stay strong and do their best in this unique situation. To celebrate your hard work and the end of this memorable school year, teachers are planning to create a video by grade level of students showing whatever they would like to share with others.  Your child could share a video or picture of themselves with a pet, an art or science project, something they are proud of or that is important to them, or something they want to be remembered for. Students will be able to see their classmates and friends across the entire grade level that they may not have seen since March. Please email photos or videos to Mrs. O’Donnell at by Friday, May 15. Thank you for your support, and please email me with questions you or your child may have about this project.

Retrieving Students’ Personal Belongings from School

The health and safety of all Penn Manor students, families, and staff is the number one priority for the Penn Manor School District during this impact of Covid-19.  Due to this unwavering commitment, we are informing all elementary families that your child’s teacher will be taking inventory of items in your child’s locker and desk.  These items will be secured and stored in your child’s school until school resumes in the Fall of 2020.  Upon return to our physical buildings, your child will receive his/her property to begin the 2020-2021 school year. If there is an essential item that your child needs prior to the start of the 2020-2021 school year, please contact Mr. Malek at

Helpful Tech Tips for Remote Learning

The Penn Manor tech department has created a fantastic site to help you and your student with questions you may have during remote learning about Google Classroom. Topics include how to complete an assignment in Google Classroom, how to add an image in Classroom, and how you can hold a Google Meet on your phone or tablet.

You can find this resource by either going to the remote learning site, clicking on Tech Tips and then clicking on Google Tips.

Or you may go directly to Google Tips.

Setting Up a Parent Sapphire Account

Report cards for third marking period were available online April 3rd through the Parent Sapphire Portal. If you have not set up an account or have forgotten your password, please follow the directions at the following link to do so. Thank you.

Use keyword comets

Follow the directions and watch for an email from the Sapphire Administrator to confirm and log in.

**If you have an account, but have forgotten your password, please call 717-872-1401 extension 3200 or press 0 to leave a message for Megan Smith, our CM secretary.  She will return your call as soon as possible to assist you.