Best wishes to our Seniors!

We had hoped to recognize our Seniors after the last home meet, but due to the closure of Penn Manor High School for the week, it had to be canceled. We still want to share a picture of each of our Seniors to celebrate this moment with them. While it’s not the way we intended, we wish them all well in their future endeavors beyond the fields of Penn Manor Cross Country!

Congratulations to Andrew Glenn, Becky Kramer, Max Kreitzer, Lou Lindsley, Arden Morgan, Curtis Rabatin, Emmitt Richey, Graham Thomas, and Lauren Zink!

Congratulations, Curtis!
Congratulations, Emmitt!
Congratulations, Max!

Congratulations, Lou!
Congratulations, Graham!
Congratulations, Andrew!
Congratulations, Arden!
Congratulations, Lauren!
Congratulations, Becky!
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