Home/Cyber/Charter School Guidelines

Students who receive instruction through Home/Cyber/Charter Schools are still eligible to participate in the Penn Manor Athletic Programs. The information listed below will give you all of the necessary details to ensure your child is approved for team membership by the Official start of the season on August 12th. You may also view this information under the link for Athlete Headquarters at https://pennmanorathletics.com.


1.     Home/Charter/Cyber students wishing to participate in interscholastic athletics must submit a letter of request for participation along with the affidavit for alternate education (and annually thereafter on August 1st) to the Superintendent.  The Superintendent or the Superintendent’s designee will make all decisions on student participation.

2.     Parent  must submit a letter to Assistant Superintendent, requesting permission for their son/daughter to participate on a Penn Manor Athletic Team.

  • Penn Manor School District, Attn: Asst. Supt., P.O. Box 1001, Millersville, PA  17551 (phone no. 872-9500 ext 2235)
  • Asst. Supterintendent will inform  Supt. Secretary at district office (872-9500 x2223)

3.  Students must continue to meet all guidelines for home/charter/cyber schooling (portfolio, testing requirements, evaluations, etc.)

4.     Students will submit on a weekly basis attendance and academic status information to the head coach or program supervisor.  Portfolio updates must be reviewed by the Superintendent or his/her designee at the end of each month of participation.

5.   Student must receive a physical before beginning sport (after June 1st) – only one physical is required for the school year regardless of the number of sports the athlete participates in. Upon coach receiving the signed PIAA Comprehensive Initial Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation Form the child may participate in and tryout for that sport.

6.     Parent must submit additional signed paperwork to coach upon son/daughter making school team.

a.      Code of Conduct
b.     Drug Screening Consent Form
c.      Transportation Form

7.     Athlete must turn in weekly grade sheet to coach; parent must turn in portfolio update each month to the Assistant Superintendent

8.     Participation on a school team is based on selection procedures, established for that sport, by the coaching staff. Home/Charter/Cyber student must abide by same rules and regulations as Penn Manor student athletes and follow any team rules.

9.     Home/Charter/Cyber Schooling students must satisfy all PIAA eligibility requirements in order to participate in athletics for the Penn Manor School District.  These requirements include:
a.    Students must have a physical examination prior to participation.
b.    Students must be passing four courses.  (Tutoring required at the “D” level.)  Eligibility is determined weekly.
c.    Students must not be absent more than 20 days per semester from their educational program.

10.   Student/Athlete may utilize transportation provided by the school for other team members once the form is submitted to coach, but are responsible for transportation at other times.