Practice Locations – Summer 2019

There are 4 practice locations we will use this summer.  the following will provide you will locations where we meet as well as how to get to some of the “different sites”

  1. Penn Manor High School – We will meet outside the West Gym (near the track)
  2. Manor Middle School – We meet near the Tennis Courts on the South side of the Middle school
  3. The Enola Low Grade Rail Trail (By Turkey Hill) –
    1. Take Rt 999 West to River Road, turn left on River Road and proceed about 1.5 miles.
    2. Entrance it on the right, before you go up the hill to turkey hill Dairy.  Drive back the paved road about 1/4 mile and turn left.
    3. We meet at the far end of this parking lot
  4. Chestnut Grove Nature Area
    1. Take Rt 999 West to River Road, turn left on River Road. After 1.5 miles continue up the hill toward Turkey Hill Dairy.
    2. At the top of the hill, continue about 1/2 miles and turn right on River Road.
    3. Drive past the baseball field on the right side and continue about another 1/4 mile.
    4. The road will split into a left and right fork.
    5. Bear right onto Chestnut Grove Road.
    6. Parking lot is on the right side shortly after entering this road.