Running Shoes

Good running shoes are one of the most important pieces of equipment for any runner! Here are some tips on purchasing shoes, whether it’s your first pair or it’s time to replace an old one.

How should I choose my shoes?

  • Get a good pair of training shoes. These will help prevent injury, as they absorb the impact of running and also provide the foundation for better leg support. Proper fit is the most important feature of choosing the best shoe possible. Request a shoe that also offers quality arch support and shock absorption.
  • Racing shoes, such as spikes, can be advantageous to runners on race day because they provide better traction on grass and dirt courses. These are not required, but worth the investment if your child is a returning runner or plans to stay involved in the sport for seasons to come.

Where should I get my shoes?

  • The Inside Track is a good place to start your search. They have a wide selection of shoes and a very knowledgeable staff, most of whom are runners themselves.  They will carefully guide you through the process of selecting a shoe that’s right for you. They also offer a 10% team discount on most shoes, so make sure to mention that you are on the Penn Manor XC/TF teams.
  • Shoe outlet stores such as Nike, Adidas, etc. may also offer good discounts.

How often should I replace my shoes?

  • The general rule is about every 300 to 400 miles or every 6 months. If you have had any leg, foot, ankle or knee problems, replace shoes sooner (perhaps after 300 miles or  4 months). If possible, only wear your running shoes for practice, rather than everyday use. This will help them last longer.

What should I do when my shoes get wet?

  • Every runner experiences soaking, wet shoes at one time or another. In order to ensure they are dry and ready to go the next day, stuff them with old newspapers. The newspaper will absorb the moisture (and odors!) from inside your shoes. If this season is anything like the last, you will want to keep plenty of old newspapers on hand!