Team Guidelines

Hello and welcome to the 2022 Penn Manor Varsity Cross Country season! As we embark on a new season together, please take time to review the Team Guidelines, which includes our philosophy, team goals, and expectations. All athletes are expected to conform to these guidelines as members of the team. 

Philosophy:  The success of our program is defined by the commitment of both the coaching staff and the athletes in meeting the goals of the Boys and Girls Cross Country teams. Only individuals who show a willingness to learn and strive for athletic improvement will be permitted to participate as a member of the Varsity Cross Country team.

Team Goals:

There are a number of goals we will work towards throughout the season to build a competitive, yet supportive team unit. These include the following:

*To develop a highly competitive Boys and Girls Cross Country team by utilizing the running potential of all members of the teams. The coaching staff will assist each athlete by developing a range of workouts and conducting regular athlete check-ins.

*To help the student-athletes learn the importance of leadership and good sportsmanship and how that demonstrates their pride and commitment to Penn Manor Athletics.

*To build life skills such as self-confidence and discipline as a result of opportunities provided through participation in Penn Manor Varsity Cross Country.

Important paperwork: All forms must be completed and uploaded onto Sportsware by Monday, August 15th, the first official day of practice.

PIAA Physical, Code of Conduct, Drug Consent (all forms may be found in the appropriate links at the top of the blog page)


Practices will be held Monday-Friday from 3:15-5:00 pm. We will plan to meet at Penn Manor High School for the beginning of each practice. Final details for locker rooms will be determined closer to the beginning of the school year. Attendance is mandatory and we ask that you avoid conflicts with Cross Country activities. Please notify the coaches ahead of time if there is a reason you can not attend so we can account for your absence.

Athletes must remain on approved training routes and areas to ensure their safety. The coaches will review the “rules of the road” so all athletes understand how to use caution when running in different locations. Furthermore, each person is expected to only engage in pre-approved cross country activities during practice.

Saturday practices are optional, but athletes are expected to attend as many as possible. These practices will be followed by a light breakfast.


It is very important to come prepared for the weather! All practices will be held outside unless conditions are unsafe. Bring a water bottle, running shoes, and a light snack to have before practice.

Electronic Devices: 

Phones and other electronic devices are not permitted during practice times and will be limited during meet days.


Team members must be available to attend all competitions throughout the season. Athletes are required to travel to competition with the team and remain at the event throughout all the races. Each member of the team deserves the same support from the entire group.


It is a privilege to represent the Penn Manor Athletics program. We expect all team members to conduct themselves in a respectful manner as agreed to in the Code of Conduct. Lapses in behavior either in school or at practice will not be tolerated.

General Fitness Expectations:

Cross Country requires athletes to complete regular training sessions over long distances. Team members must attain a level of fitness enabling them to handle the running pace and endurance of the team. While we expect varying paces from athlete to athlete, all will be able to fulfill this expectation by attending voluntary summer practices to gradually build their endurance and ability to handle the longer distance runs as we head closer to the season.


Running can cause many forms of discomfort for an athlete. Athletes are expected to communicate all symptoms to the coaches and athletic training staff to minimize injury and speed recovery.

Academic Performance:

Student-athletes must maintain an average of “C” or better. A coach will contact you if grades for any class fall below a “C” on any week. Grades below a “C” may impact your ability to compete in upcoming events. You will also be required to contact your teacher for tutoring.


Any student-athlete with an inhaler, or other type of medication (prescription or non-prescription) must notify their school nurse. If it is needed before, during, or after practice, the school nurse will then coordinate how and when it is dispensed with our athletic trainer.

Personal Belongings

Students are responsible for the security of their personal belongings which should be stored in a secure location such as a student’s car or in a school locker. Students must bring a lock, or use one provided by the athletic department, for school lockers. Coaches will not take responsibility for keys, cell phones, etc.

Special Events/Community Service:

Athletes are expected to show their support for our community through volunteer hours with organizations such as the Millersville Turkey Trot and Toys for Tots. More details to follow as we get closer to these events.

Student Transportation:

Students who wish to travel with another student to practice or a home meet must complete a Non-Competition Travel Form. Please speak to one of the coaches if you need a form.

Students who wish to return home from an away meet with a parent or guardian must be signed out by the above. A sign-out sheet will be provided in the team area. Athletes are expected to remain with the team until all team competition is completed.