Travel Authorization from Cross Country Competition

Cross-Country Competition/Travel Authorization 


Parent or Guardian approval for transportation to and/or from competition


Athletes who wish to ride to or from competition with another adult must have the following form completed and submitted to the coach for each meet.



Typically, all athletes are expected to travel to and from competitions using team vehicles (e.g. team bus or vans).   Also, team members are expected to remain at a competition until the end of the meet. If other team members are competing in a later race, athletes are expected to remain at the competition and support their team members. Athletes will be permitted to return home with parents or other adults when the attached form has been completed. Using this form will insure the coaches know with whom the student returned home.


Athletes may not drive to or from any competition nor may they ride in any vehicle operated by another student.


Meet Location:




Student name:





My son(s) / daughter(s) have permission to ride in a vehicle operated by the following individual:


Parent or Other Operator’s Name:






Signature of Parent or Guardian