We had a fun session of Qwirkle today in the Day 5 group of Problem Solving.  This was a new game to many, so it took a little while for each of us to get started.  Here is a link to the game:  Qwirkle

Sarah Beth said, “The game uses a lot of strategy like chess.”

However, Matt P. wasn’t as confident with her assessment.  He responded, “It’s not as intense.”

John C. who observed since he stopped by for a moment to check-in replied, “It looks interesting.”

Noah L. walked into class and exclaimed, “Yes! Qwirkle!  I love Qwirkle.”

I think this is a game we will continue to explore in Problem Solving.   It does require logic and strategy to build upon the grid with the pieces.  “Qwirkle!” is something we all wanted to be able to say today because it means 12 points which we all wanted.

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