Dr. James Delisle

Dr. James Delisle will present Doing Poorly on Purpose: Underachievement and the Quest for Dignity on Thursday, November 17, 2011, at The Conference & Training Center at IU-13 (1020 New Holland Avenue, Lancaster, PA 17601).  The fee is $15 per person.  Pre-registration is required to:

Lindsay Risser

(717) 606-1762


Here is an overview from the flier:

Most of the “antidotes” for reversing academic underachievement in gifted adolescents
are punitive and disrespectful.  It’s no surprise, then, that they are also ineffective and
emotionally debilitating.  This session provides a new look at “underachievement” from
the eye of the students who wear this label.  A series of suggestions and solutions that
can be applied at home and in school will be offered, each one bearing a similar  
foundation: preserving the dignity of students who choose to perform poorly on purpose.  

Dr. Jim Delisle has taught gifted children and those who work on their behalf for more
than 30 years.  The author of more than 250 articles and 16 books including The Gifted
Kids Survival Guide: A Teen Handbook, Jim’s work has been translated into multiple  
languages.  He has been featured in professional journals, The New York Times and on
The Oprah Winfrey Show.  A frequent presenter on gifted children’s intellectual and  
emotional growth, Jim has addressed audiences in 48 states and in nations as diverse as
England, Greece, China, and Saudi Arabia.  His new Teen Survival Guide is being released
this summer, and he has just been contracted to write a book entitled, Saving Smart
Kids: American Educational Reform and the Crisis for Gifted Education. 


Dear Parents:

I hope you and your family enjoyed your summer together.  Now that the school year has begun, it is time to look at the Discover program and what it offers in middle school.  I am delighted about the offerings this year and working with many new seventh graders as well as my returning eighth graders.

Packets were sent home during the first cycle.  If you have not seen yours, please ask your child for this important information.

Here is my contact information for the year:

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