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Finding Your Way: Navigation and Exploration!

June 25-28, 2012

  • For students entering grades 6-8
  • Monday – Thursday, 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM
  • Tuition:  $120
  • Locations:  The Conference and Training Center at IU 13 and Lancaster Environmental Center

Feeling lost or directionally challenged?  Project SAIL (Seminars for Advanced and Innovative Learning) through Lancaster- Lebanon IU13 is offering a camp that will enable students, entering grades 6-8, to spend time outside becoming familiar with a variety of directional tools.  Partnering with the Lancaster Environmental Center, this IU 13 Project SAIL camp will put students’ navigation skills to the “test” in real life situations.  Participants will gain confidence in their ability to find their way in the wilderness while exploring Lancaster woodlands.  Campers will get the opportunity to:

  • Participate in live videoconferences to understand the use of satellites, GPS technology and navigational problem solving,
  • Learn to use a compass and topographical maps to navigate through the woods,
  • Explore latitude and longitude in an interactive way,
  • Work as a team to complete a scavenger hunt using GPS units,
  • Learn survival skills such as building a shelter, finding water, building a fire, and identifying edible plants and insects.

Through these activities, campers will learn important things about the environment in which they live while enjoying outdoor experiences, team-building, problem solving, and exercise.   Camp is aligned with PA Academic Standards.


Inspiring the next generation of innovators! 

July 9 -13, 2012

  • For students entering grades 2-6
  • Monday – Friday, 9:00 am – 3:30 pm
  • Tuition: $240
  • Location: Lancaster-Lebanon IU 13, Burle Business Park

Participants will become investigators, engineers, and scientists while creating inventions to solve exciting challenges.  Experiment with STEM concepts (science, technology, engineering, and math) in four fun hands-on modules each day, presented by local teachers.

  • Work in teams to design a magnet-powered city!
  • Travel on a time machine to create futuristic inventions!
  • Take apart broken appliances and use the parts to build a multi-step balloon-bursting machine!
  • Stimulate your mind and your body while inventing fun new outdoor games!

To register:  800-968-4332 or

Save $25!  Register by March 29th for only $215!

Extra discounts for Camp Invention alumni through 2/9/12

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