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Calling on all girl budding rocket scientists

10 September, 2012 in HeadlinesLatest News by Intl Team Leader

You are an inventor 2013 Contest

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If you met a real astronaut, what questions would you ask? Some lucky teenage girl(s) will have a chance to ponder about that in April 2013 but, first, they need to conceive a winning invention.

After discovering the world of science during her preparation leading up to her flight in space in 1963, Valentina Tereshkova studied to earn a doctorate in physics. However, as we prepare to celebrate this important milestone, the lack of female scientists continues to be reflected in the women unfriendliness of many products.

As a salute to all the pioneer female scientists and to spark vocations, we are launching the ‘You are an inventor’ contest. The top prize? A conversation with real astronauts.

To win this amazing once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, teenage girls from around the world will have to fulfill a mission: conceive a new padding system or a new type of adjustable space suit that improves freedom of movement for tomorrow’s space explorers.

Whether their concept is selected as the winning concept or not, each participant will receive an official Inventor Certificate that includes from female space scientists and astronauts from around the world. If their concept makes it to the finals, their work will be exhibited at museums around the world.

What a rewarding opportunity to practice being a rocket scientist!

To learn all the details about entering the contest or download a poster, please visit the ‘You are an inventor’ contest webpage.

Entry deadline is February 8 2013.

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