Penn Manor Gifted Services Change

Dear Parents,

Penn Manor School District’s K-12 Gifted Services Program was audited this spring by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Our district received many positive comments and was recognized for “putting kids first”.  One change that the district must address is the number of students on each teacher’s caseload as teacher caseload may not exceed 65 students.  As a result, staffing changes have been made at the elementary, middle, and high school levels.  Starting with the 2013-2014 school year, I will be assigned to Hambright Elementary and Manor Middle Schools.

Please read the “official” parent letter below to learn more about the specific staff changes for each of Penn Manor’s schools.

As always, please contact me with any questions or concerns.


Amy D’Amico


Parent Letter

Summer of Stem 2013

Summer of STEM 2013



STEM…Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

Spend the summer of 2013 with your friends at one or more of the Summer of STEM camps. Camps vary in length, daily schedule, location, cost and grade level, but they all prepare young people for the 21st century workplace where the ability to apply science, technology, engineering and math skills creatively is essential. Scholarships are available for Summer of STEM camps held in June, based on eligibility. For scholarship information, contact Hope Schmids at (717)735-0333 or

Scholarship Application for Summer of STEM camps (except for LCCTC): Click here for English; click here for Spanish.

Area businesses may be interested in investing in the career development of our area young people in grades 3-12 through sponsorship of a STEM Camp.  Your contribution will support the needs of various low-income campers attending more than a dozen camps.  To download a STEM Camp Sponsorship Opportunity Form, click here.




Lancaster County Career and Technology Center, Mount Joy Campus

Exploring the Science of Creativity: June 17-20, 2013, 9am-3pm; June 24-27, 2013, 9am-3pm. Recommended for grades 6-8. Broaden your creative spirit and learn how imagination and technology have impacted the world around you. Create your own impact by exploring your creative mind and applying science and innovation to a career project that will be yours to keep. Lunch and transportation from central locations in the county provided. Cost: $250.00 or $300.00 with bus transportation provided.

Contact: Hope Schmids (717) 735-0333 or

Scholarship Application for LCCTC Camp: Click here for English; click here for Spanish.

The Lancaster Science Factory


Secrets of Weather: June 17-21, 2013, 9am-12pm. Recommended grades 1-8.

Become your own weatherman/weatherwoman with this crash course! You will not only predict weather but you will build projects based on rain, wind, heat, lightning and more extreme conditions of storms. You will also get an inside scoop on the most raw and powerful forms of weather like hurricanes and tornadoes! Cost: $125.00

Predict the Future: June17-21, 2013, 1-4 pm. Recommended grades 3-8.

Play games, sing songs, do arts and crafts! It’s all about predictable patterns of amazing numbers. Play with pi that you can’t eat, rectangles that are golden, primes that have nothing to do with Transformers, numbers that are perfect and much more. Cost: $125.00

Big Blue World: June 24-28, 2013, 9am-12pm. Recommended grades 1-8.

Discover the difficulty of living in this extreme environment through physics and chemistry. Clean up an oil spill, survive extreme cold, overcome the supreme pressure, build a deep sea exploration vessel, and more! Cost: $125.00

Special Effects: Movie Chemistry: June 24-28, 2013, 1-4pm. Recommended grades 1-8.

Hollywood meets science! Make snow, master fog, become invisible, play with fire, and create smoke (all safely of course). There’s even more in store as you make surprising changes seem like magic! Cost: $125.00

For more information on the Lancaster Science Factory Camps, contact Lauren Schaller at (717) 509-6363 x105 or visit . Members receive a 10% discount.

Millersville Technology Camps Millersville

Introductory LEGO™ Robotics: June 24-28, 2013, 9am-12 noon or 1-4pm. Recommended grades 3-6. This camp demonstrates how computers are used to control machines in our world. This camp teaches kids fundamental computer programming and encourages cooperative learning and problem solving while using LEGOs ™. Participants design and build robots, cars, amusement rides and other machines, then write computer programs to operate and control their inventions. Cost: $175

Introductory Robot Arm Kit Building: June 24-27, 2013, 9am-12 noon. Recommended grades 5-9. Build your own robot and take it home with you in this exciting camp experience. Camp participants will utilize a robotics kit that will enable them to build and test all the basic components. Sensors and mobile robotics are introduced in the entry-level experience to the world of robotics. Cost: $199

Engineering: June 17-21, 2013, 9am-12 noon. Recommended grades 5-9. Design, build, and test your balsa wood bridge. Work independently and as a team to learn about structural engineering through hands-on activities. Learn about compression, tensile and shear strength by experimenting with and destroying test specimens. Then switch gears and design a CO2 powered dragster. You will learn about the design process by preparing sketches, final drawings, prototypes, and the actual dragster car. You will use hand tools and machines to form your car and finish it with a paint job. The final day of camp will be spent drag racing your car against your classmates. Cost: $185

Small Gas Engines: Saturday, June 29, 2013, 9am-3:30 pm. Recommended grades 6 and up. This one-day camp will focus on the various subsystems and internal workings of a small gas internal combustion engine. Students will completely disassemble and reassemble a 7 horsepower Briggs & Stratton small gas engine, pausing at times to discuss the theory of operation. The participants will learn about precision measuring instruments like micrometers and torque wrenches along with how to look up engine specifications in a repair manual. At the conclusion, we will do live testing on all engines and talk about troubleshooting. Nobody goes home until all the engines run! Cost: $89 Lunch is provided.

Autodesk Inventor 3-D Software: Saturday, June 29, 2013, 9am-3:30pm. Recommended grades 7-12. This one-day camp is designed for students interested in learning about CADD (Computer Aided Drawing and Design). We will use Autodesk Inventor, an extremely powerful and commonly used program in engineering/ design around the world, to create 3-D models of various objects and then translate those models in the 3-view drawings. The drawings will be printed and taken home. This camp is meant to be an introductory course that will help students with computer literacy, problem solving, math concepts, critical thinking, and visual/spatial skills. Cost: $89 Lunch is provided.

For more information on the Millersville Technology Camps, contact: Dr. Len Litowitz at (717) 872-3883



ThaddStevenseus Stevens College of Technology

Digital Image Camp: June 24-28, 2013, 10am-3pm.

Recommended for grades 5-8. This camp will introduce the digital world to students with hands on demonstrations of animation, web page development, digital photography, and screen printing. Cost: $180.00 (lunch provided).

Contact: Chris Metzler at (717) 299-7794 or



YWCA and Thaddeus Stevens College of TechnologyTech_Girls

TechGYRLS Camp: June 10-21, 2013 (two weeks), 9am-4pm;
June 24-July 5, 2013 (two weeks), 9am-4pm.

Recommended for girls ages 9-14. At this high tech camp, girls will have the opportunity to investigate science principles, participate in activity based learning, and construct robots using investigation, exploration and problem solving skills.

Cost: $300.00 (transportation and lunch provided).

Contact: Ashley Corbett at (717) 393-1735 x261 or