Welcome Back!

I hope you all had a wonderful first day of school for the 2013-2014 year.  I had a super busy one, but I can tell this year is going to be great!  Please make sure you subscribe to the blog to get updates sent right to your email.  It’s spam free (or so promised.)

I will be talking to each of the Hambright students this cycle, and the Manor students over the next two cycles.  See y’all soon.

Best wishes for a fabulous school year!!

The Pennsylvania Department of Education: Survey for Parents of Gifted Students

As part of the study called for by House Resolution 139 (HR139), the Pennsylvania Legislative Budget and Finance Committee is attempting to gain input from parents of gifted students currently served in Pennsylvania public schools through an online survey.   Results from the study and this survey will inform a report scheduled for dissemination in November 2013 to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives Education Committee.
The Pennsylvania Department of Education is asking superintendents, supervisors/coordinators for gifted education, and gifted support teachers to share this survey with parents.  Please forward the information describing how to access the voluntary survey to any of your parents who currently (or within the last year) have a student receiving specially designed instruction through gifted education services. 
The survey will only be available for completion though Sept. 5, 2013.  If anyone should encounter difficulty in accessing the link prior to Sept. 5, 2013, they should contact Terry Beam in the Pennsylvania Legislative Budget and Finance Office at tbeam@palbfc.us . 
Thank you in advance for your timely response to this request.