2014 AMC8 Mathematics Competition

Another year of the AMC8 Mathematics Competition is finished for our high achieving math kiddos at Manor.  They worked hard to answer the 25 questions and now the waiting begins to see how they scored.  Great job to those who chose to participate this year!  I am super proud of your efforts.

Here’s a link to more information with the AMC8: AMC8 website

The Marshmallow Challenge 2013 Style

The Problem Solving Classes started with the Marshmallow Challenge (LINK) as we have in the past.  It’s a great way to work on team building but also look at the students’ abilities to think critically and creatively.  I find it amazing what the kids can come up with for support structures.  The group whose pictures are below worked and reworked their designs several times despite the 18 minute time limit passing because they wanted to prove they could do it.  Rob and Ethan continued to think outside the box for their design.  The other group was able to build a structure of 24.8″ and have it support the marshmallow at the top.  Great job, Max and Aidan!

photo 2 (2)

Aidan & Max