Manor: Guest Speaker Seminar

On Wednesday of this week, fifteen Manor students traveled south to join our Marticville friends for our second Guest Speaker Seminar of the year.  Our speaker was Dr. Hugh Smith,a local licensed psychologist.  He presented on the topic “I had the weirdest dream last night! Understanding our dreams through psychology and creativity.” He gave an overview of the types of psychology there are in the field, explained the dream cycle and brain anatomy when awake and asleep, and lead the class in analyzing and interpreting dreams.

Students asked questions throughout the presentation about shared consciousness, lucid dreaming, and the idea that reality may in fact be a dream.  The depth of student questions was impressive! Dr. Smith instructed students to focus on 4 areas when interpreting dreams; wishes, conflicts, feelings,and other details from the day. Two brave students volunteered to share details of one of their dreams  for the group to interpret. It was fascinating to hear the connections students made.



Ultimately, Dr. Smith said the “correct” meaning and interpretation of a dream can only be know by the dreamer. The workshop  concluded with Dr. Smith giving each student a dream journal and a challenge  to record the details of their dreams over the next few weeks. He will be offering a follow-up dream interpretation session for those who are interested in early February (information will be sent out to those students who participated in this seminar.)

The day ended with students eating lunch together and discussing the ideas shared during the workshop. A special thank you to Dr. Smith for offering his time to teach middle school students about the field of psychology and how to learn more about our dream worlds!


Hambright: Sumdog Holiday National Math Contest

The students entered the Holiday National Math Contest that took place December 12th – 18th.  There were 19,522 classes registered with 8,646 classes qualifying.  Our class of 11 (Grades 2-6) finished in 591st place overall in the nation, but we finished in 39th place out of 559 Pennsylvania schools that participated.

Even more statistics:  there were 197,009 students who answered 47,985,561 math questions.  That is incredible!  The Hambright students did a phenomenal job considering most of them had limited time to participate.  There will be more chances both locally and nationally for us to compete.


Hambright Students – you did a fantastic job today during our #HourOfCode.  I am so impressed with how many lines of code you wrote and how you collaborated with each other.  I saw your excitement.  I had to send you back to class when you really wanted to stay and code some more.  Let’s keep this going.

“Coding is cool!”

“It’s epic!”

“I want to be a computer engineer when I grow up.”



Here are the links that we used today:

Tutorials for Beginners

There’s so many fantastic sites and apps available.  Google what’s out there for your child and your technology.


Manor: Our First Guest Speaker Seminar

Our first Guest Speaker Seminar occurred right before Thanksgiving.   Our presenterMr. Charlie Reisinger, Technology Director for Penn Manor School District, presented to many of our 7th and 8th graders from Manor and Marticville.  Mr. Reisinger’s topic was Careers in Technology & Learning to Code.  He discussed careers in the field of technology and conducted a hands-on activity where students explored the Linux command line as an introduction to computer programming.

It was a lot of fun to get to have our two schools together not only for the presentation, but we also ate lunch together and had the opportunity to meet new friends.  If your child attended, ask them to explain what an Easter Egg is in the programming and coding world.  Here are a few photos of our day:




















Hambright Mathematicians are hard at work

I’ve gotten behind in blogging and wanted to update where we are in math.

Grade 5 is currently working on Probability, and today we wrapped up the concept of representing probability with numbers between 0 and 1 and mathematical language to describe likelihood of experimental events.  The kiddos finalized their thoughts about these concepts in their mathematician journals.  Nigel found a great place in the cubbies to concentrate and write down his thoughts.




Grade 6 met today and working on their research of various Number Systems.  We are exploring Base 10, Base 5, Base 2, Egyptian and Roman systems.  Our resident experts will be sharing their knowledge with us today.  They also worked on code breaking through the CIA at Break the Code before writing their own messages in code and exchanging with a peer.  It was fun to watch them try to determine what the code was and solve the message.

Grade 4 just concluded their work on exploring variables, equations, and expressions as well as learning to translate mathematical relationships from words to symbols.  The students employed various strategies to undo operations in order to determine the value of the variable in various equations.  Playing Guess the Number using mathematical clues was a hit as was trying to stump the teacher.

Grade 2 also concluded their study on measurement with estimating measurements using centimeter and millimeter.  The final activity was to estimate the lengths of various parts of the body and discovering how benchmarks could be helpful with estimating.  Now we are off in search of the Yeti….