Hambright Mathematicians are hard at work

I’ve gotten behind in blogging and wanted to update where we are in math.

Grade 5 is currently working on Probability, and today we wrapped up the concept of representing probability with numbers between 0 and 1 and mathematical language to describe likelihood of experimental events.  The kiddos finalized their thoughts about these concepts in their mathematician journals.  Nigel found a great place in the cubbies to concentrate and write down his thoughts.




Grade 6 met today and working on their research of various Number Systems.  We are exploring Base 10, Base 5, Base 2, Egyptian and Roman systems.  Our resident experts will be sharing their knowledge with us today.  They also worked on code breaking through the CIA at Break the Code before writing their own messages in code and exchanging with a peer.  It was fun to watch them try to determine what the code was and solve the message.

Grade 4 just concluded their work on exploring variables, equations, and expressions as well as learning to translate mathematical relationships from words to symbols.  The students employed various strategies to undo operations in order to determine the value of the variable in various equations.  Playing Guess the Number using mathematical clues was a hit as was trying to stump the teacher.

Grade 2 also concluded their study on measurement with estimating measurements using centimeter and millimeter.  The final activity was to estimate the lengths of various parts of the body and discovering how benchmarks could be helpful with estimating.  Now we are off in search of the Yeti….

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