Help Needed – Speaker Seminars

Hello, families!

I am currently looking for parents that would be willing to be a participant in our Speaker Seminars at the middle school.  Speaker Seminars allow you to share your education and journey to explain how you arrived at your current employment.  This helps students to understand that there isn’t always a direct and clear cut path to your future endeavors.

During the 60-90 minute presentation you are asked to share your education history and what your day to day responsibilities are for your job.  Then you present an activity that students could do.  This could be an activity that simulates something from your job (I will gladly help you with planning, and it doesn’t have to be complex) or you can share hands-on materials from your job.  If travel is involved, you could even bring in any photos, souvenirs or items that tie in.

I usually allot 60-90 minutes for your presentation, activity and questions + answer time.  Please email or call me if you think you might be interested.  The kids love the Speaker Seminars!

Please email or call me if you are interested or want to know more.

Thank you for considering,


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