Millersville University Listserv for Parents of the Gifted

A colleague recently shared this Listserv opportunity for parents. This is a great online network for parents with gifted children. Here are the specifics:

Purpose and Guidelines

1.   To provide a forum for all parents and other interested individuals to share ideas, ask questions and discuss sound instructional practices for challenging the gifted

2.   To promote collaboration between interested individuals about opportunities for gifted individuals and to encourage on-going dialogue to aid those working/living with gifted individuals.

3.   To provide a network for parents and interested individuals to share and learn about gifted development and growth opportunities.

4.   To assist parents with suggestions for resources, materials, and procedures in development and implementation of gifted opportunities.

5.   No student names, educator names should be used to honor privacy issues and to protect the individuals.

6.   Comments shared are to be limited to educational practices, concerns for parenting gifted and program opportunities.

7.   Private issues and responses are to be sent to individual list members not to the “reply all” option.

8.   Products or comments expressed on this site do not constitute an endorsement by or reflect the opinions of the hosting organization.

Listserv Application Form

Applications should be sent with the following information:

1.   Email:

2.   Place the following message in the text box:

Subscribe gifted-parents first name last name

Put your real name in place of the italics above. The spacing and dash placement are critical.

3.   You will get an email response that your request was forwarded to the list owner for approval.

4.   Once you are approved, you will get a lengthy email with instructions on how to send mail, unsubscribe and other information.

5.   From that time forward, you will receive messages posted on the Parent site.

6.   Messages will be archived and can be accessed by clicking on the link at the bottom of each email.

The application will indicate that you have read the goal statements of the listserv and will adhere to guidelines presented.

Let’s Get This Blog Started….

Welcome to the middle school gifted blog.  This will hopefully become the one stop shop for all things gifted for the Penn Manor gifted students.  My goal was to have this up and running much sooner, but somehow time got away from me.  Oops!

I have links on the right side → with information for both students and parents.  I hope you find them helpful.  If you find any trouble with the links, please send me an email, so I can check it.

More information to follow in the next posting.