Bots High – Documentary on Robotic Combat

On Thursday, October 6th in the auditorium, Harrisburg University of Science and Technology will present a free screening of the award winning documentary film Bots High at 7:00 pm.  The film will be followed by a workshop on the variety of robotics competitions in which people of all ages can participate.  Some are subtle programming challenges while others feature adrenaline pumping combat.

Competition robots of every size and style will be on display.

A synopsis of the documentary film Bots High:

Bots High

Some kids play football in school. Other kids build combat robots for the expressed purpose of destroying competing robots in thrilling caged matches. This film is about kids in the latter group.

Bots High follows three teams of high school robotics geeks who build and battle their way to a national robotics competition in Miami. Our heroes include genius inventor Will, who constructs seemingly indestructible bots that unfortunately self-destruct, and My Mechanical Romance, a team of Catholic school girls who stand out amid male participants with a combination of beauty, brains, and fashion sense.

Funny, smart, and inspiring, these kids navigate high school, adolescence, and first love while reducing enemy bots to shards of scrap metal. Here, at last, is a family film even teenagers can enjoy.


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Mark your calendar:     March 24, 2012 – The 2nd Annual Pennbots Downtown Dogfight, a robotics competition, will feature events for clever programmable robots as well as full-contact combat bots.

For more information on either of these events, please contact Patrick Young.

For directions and parking information, click here.

Hockey Sticks

Discover students in the Problem Solving classes have been working for several cycles to develop alternative uses for broken hockey sticks.  All groups have completed the brain storming and several are now into the construction phase.  I am in awe of the fantastic ideas the kids presented.  Great thinking!  I cannot wait to show off the new products through their ads.

Problem Solving – Venn Perplexors

We were working collaboratively today trying to solve one of our Venn Perplexors on world geography…here is the proof!

Olivia H. felt using sticky notes and marking out the locations was really helpful rather than just pointing at them.

Eric S. said the perplexors were easier or harder depending on the topic.

Michaela C. was glad they were correct, and they did it without any hints from me.

Regardless, we had a good time working together and adding Sarah M. to our group!


We had a fun session of Qwirkle today in the Day 5 group of Problem Solving.  This was a new game to many, so it took a little while for each of us to get started.  Here is a link to the game:  Qwirkle

Sarah Beth said, “The game uses a lot of strategy like chess.”

However, Matt P. wasn’t as confident with her assessment.  He responded, “It’s not as intense.”

John C. who observed since he stopped by for a moment to check-in replied, “It looks interesting.”

Noah L. walked into class and exclaimed, “Yes! Qwirkle!  I love Qwirkle.”

I think this is a game we will continue to explore in Problem Solving.   It does require logic and strategy to build upon the grid with the pieces.  “Qwirkle!” is something we all wanted to be able to say today because it means 12 points which we all wanted.