Martic BAND!

We had a great rehearsal Thursday morning! Students should keep working on the “Scale Numbers” paper, and “The Star Spangled Banner”. Also try to figure out the missing parts of “Sing For The Eagle”. Drummers should work on clean double bounce rolls, and rudiments (flam, paradiddle…)

Next BAND rehearsal will be Wednesday, September 28.

Martic BAND

Band will start on Friday, September 16th at 8:00 am on the Martic stage. The schedule will change week to week because of my 2-school schedule. Rehearsals: 9/22, 9/28, 10/7, 10/14. Students should be on stage at 8:00 with instrument, music, and a pencil!

These are our BAND students (hopefully we will add more before too long.) Congratulations!

Flute – Courtney Boas, Elizabeth Hubbs, Brooke Adams, Keira Sweitzer, Linsi Icenhour, Jordan Steckler, Corinne Smith, Chloe Harmon, Molly Bushong

Clarinet – Maizzi Heiselman, Paige Bland

Alto Saxophone РLydia Fuhrman, Evan Winters, Jordan Smith

Trumpet – Austin Beats, Autumn Ross

Baritone – Tyler Whirt

Percussion – Kipp Witmer, Jadyn Coble, Jack Nonnemacher, Kyle Furnier, Ethan Reisinger, Kyle Sullenberger, Kyler Hunnell