Martic BAND

Band will start on Friday, September 16th at 8:00 am on the Martic stage. The schedule will change week to week because of my 2-school schedule. Rehearsals: 9/22, 9/28, 10/7, 10/14. Students should be on stage at 8:00 with instrument, music, and a pencil!

These are our BAND students (hopefully we will add more before too long.) Congratulations!

Flute – Courtney Boas, Elizabeth Hubbs, Brooke Adams, Keira Sweitzer, Linsi Icenhour, Jordan Steckler, Corinne Smith, Chloe Harmon, Molly Bushong

Clarinet – Maizzi Heiselman, Paige Bland

Alto Saxophone – Lydia Fuhrman, Evan Winters, Jordan Smith

Trumpet – Austin Beats, Autumn Ross

Baritone – Tyler Whirt

Percussion – Kipp Witmer, Jadyn Coble, Jack Nonnemacher, Kyle Furnier, Ethan Reisinger, Kyle Sullenberger, Kyler Hunnell

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