CHORUS did a great job at the Combined Concert! Congratulations to all the singers and their families who made it possible.

We will sing some of our same songs once more at an assembly for the other students. We will have a rehearsal close to that time to refresh the memory and the songs.

Martic CHORUS – next rehearsal 5/17 @ 8am, assembly 5/23

LeTort CHORUS – next rehearsal 6/2 @ 8am, assembly 6/7 (last day)

BAND Concert Tomorrow (Thursday, April 20)

Our combined Elementary BAND and ORCHESTRA Concert is tomorrow evening (Thursday, 4/20) at 7:00pm. BAND members should:
– wear something nice, but not too heavy or hot
– be in the High School Band Room between 6:30 – 6:45
– enter the High School through the doors beneath the hallway overpass
– be prepared to have a great time making good music!

Next Martic BAND rehearsal – 4/27 at 8:00am.

CHORUS Concert Tomorrow Night!

We had a good Combined District Elementary CHORUS rehearsal today. The students did a good job with the music and were respectful and attentive. Here is the information we told the singers:
– 4/12 Concert at Penn Manor High School, 7:00 pm
– 6:45 on the stage (singers should only be there a little before start time to get in their place.
– Students should wear something nice, but not hot. It is quite toasty on a stage with so many musicians, a large audience, lots of singing, and some stage lights.
– Students should eat supper and drink plenty of water before the concert.

We are looking forward to sharing some great music with you!

Martic BAND Tomorrow (4/12)

Tomorrow (Wednesday, 4/12) is our next Martic BAND rehearsal at 8:00am on the Martic stage. This will be our last rehearsal before the trip to Penn Manor High School on 4/19 to prepare for the Combined District Elementary BAND and ORCHESTRA Concert 4/20, at 7:00pm at Penn Manor High School!

Band Members should be practicing extra on the BAND music to be ready to do their best for the rehearsals and concert!

LeTort CHORUS tomorrow!

Our next LeTort CHORUS rehearsal is tomorrow (Friday, 4/7) at 8am. This will be our last rehearsal before we go to the High School on Tuesday (4/11) to rehearse with the Combined District Elementary CHORUS. We will perform with the whole group on Wednesday, 4/12 at 7:00pm at the High School. Keep singing our songs to be ready for some great music making!