Delta Dart Launch

What we are doing with Mr. Andrew today is just another way of learning about the Engineering Design loop, a process real engineers use almost everyday!  The Delta Dart is a model plane that once you first go and launch it, the included instructions help you improve your design. Each flight can be different and you need to look at your own problems and solve them. The Delta Dart also allows you to learn about aerodynamics of real live planes.  

The most successful launch we’ve had rounded to about 35 feet.  That’s pretty incredible when you know that the minimum length the plane has to pass is 15 feet.  Here is a comment from one of the creators of the plane explaining why they think it flew so well, “The placement of the ailerons.”  They say they learned about, “About how aircrafts work,” and, “How launching aircrafts is important.”

In conclusion, applied engineering is a subject about learning new skills, demonstrating grit and having fun!

Blog post reporter today: David F. 6-W

Delta Dart Blogger David
Blog Reporter David
Today’s best flight!  35+ feet
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Looking forward to a great school year.

Looking forward to a great school year in Applied Engineering and Technology.

Mr. Andrew & Mr. Kelley are preparing lessons that will “rock” your world.

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