Cultural Activity Day

The end of the day was filled with activities such as designing a quilt square and learning a few words of German, following instructions to learn an African dance, decorating a carnival mask, dressing up in costume at the photo booth, and finally eating many different types of foods. Mrs. Kibodeaux even made a King’s cake and brought necklaces for everyone to learn some of the Mardi Gras customs that take place in some parts of our country.

We couldn’t have done it without the donations and happy volunteers that helped to set up the stations, run them, serve the food, and even clean up the mess! Thank you so much.

Enjoy the pictures. Some of your children are real hams!

Fun Friday Games

Most of the students were rewarded for their appropriate behavior and completed homework with an end of the day board game bonanza. Both third grade classes met in the Commons to play a variety of games with friends. Some of the students brought games from home, which added to the interest and fun.

Benson asked if he could bring, Pie Face, and that sounded like great fun! His mom supplied paper towels and plenty of whipped cream. Those who wanted to give it a try, put their face on the chin rest and gave the spinner a spin. It was funny to see how many tries some children had to do before getting a pile of whipped cream in their face, while others got smacked in the face on their first try. Enjoy pictures of some of the brave ones.

Upcoming Dates

Friday, February 8th- Freaky Friday – Kids dress as adults and adults dress as kids. This is to help promote the high school’s spring musical on March 1st & 2nd and March 8th & 9th, at 7:30 PM.  

Friday, February 22, 2019 – Kids At Work Day: 
As a way to promote career exploration and awareness with our elementary students, the Penn Manor elementary schools are planning a special day across the district. 
On Friday, February 22, students are invited to wear clothing that represents careers they may be interested in exploring as an adult. 
Our hope is that Kids at Work Day is a great way to start conversations at home and at school about different types of careers, why someone chooses a career, and what kind of training/schooling is needed to get started in a particular career.

Tuesday, February 26th – Spring picture day

Friday, March 1st – Early Dismissal

Parts of Speech

On Tuesday afternoon our class had a chance to show our talents, as we entertained the school with songs and information about nouns, verbs, and adjectives.

The performance began with a poem about knowing the parts of speech. Then the students sang a song about nouns, followed by a verb rap, and then an activity about adjectives.

After the performances, we had teams from students in third through sixth grades compete in a game called Kahoot. Teams identified the parts of speech of the bolded word in each sentence. They got points for being the fastest and correct.
Check out the videos below to join in the learning fun!

Cookies and Conversation

We’re planning to have a relaxing time for the children to decorate a cookie and sit and talk with their peers in both third grade classes.  Please take a look at the sign up genuis to see if you’re able to supply something for this fun activity happening later this month.  Just click on the link below: 

Also, we’re still in need of regular lightbulbs.  We appreciate all donations!

Watersheds and Writers

     Boy did we have fun learning about watersheds one morning.  Groups of students created hills, valleys and wetlands in a small tub.  Then we added different kinds of simulated pollution to see where it collected after a rainstorm.

        We collected our polluted water and checked it’s pH this afternoon.  Then we learned how our water gets filtered so it is safe to drink.  Our day ended with everyone writing a one act play that had a central message for us to figure out.  Look how busy all the playwrights were!  

Science Fun

       Today we explored what an aquifer is. Many of us realized we have our water supplied by a well that depends on that water.  The children observed what happened to ground water as they watched it rain on my model, and also created their own models.  Later, we added “pollution” to see where it went.  It was fun to make a hypothesis and then learn from our data.  What made it even more fun was the safety goggles.

Each group built their own model.
Students are busy writing their hypotheses.
We observed pollution  of surface water seeping into the aquifer.
They are writing a conclusion about what our data showed.

Detective Duties

     We ended our day, Friday afternoon, by reviewing the difference between fact and opinion.  Then the students were put on crime fighting teams with each team getting a different case to crack.  The children created their own detective names, and then, using the background information as well as what their witnesses said, they had to determine which statements were fact and which were opinion.  

Thinking hard
Talking about the facts
Jotting down notes of the case
Looking at witness statements

Gathering facts

             After students looked at the facts, they figured out who did the crime by looking at all the suspects that fit the facts they gathered.  All detective teams were successful and earned their badge.

One serious detective
This is a fun group of clever detectives.

The children had so much fun solving their cases that they asked to do it again during station time next week.


Tuesday, Oct. 29th.  Water Cycle poster and paragraph project due

Friday, Nov. 2   No school for students

Wednesday, Nov. 7-Friday, Nov. 9 Conferences and Early dismissal at 1:30