Welcome to the Art Room

Welcome to Central Manor Elementary’s art page.  If you are interested in finding out about your child’s art teacher and the kinds of things we learn and make in art class, you’ve come to the right place!  Here you can find out all ABOUT me and why I chose to be an art teacher, watch and sing along with the videos we watch in class on the ARTLINKS page, learn more about the art CURRICULUM, stay up to date with photos of our projects and progress in the art room through our classroom TWITTER, and get in touch with me through my CONTACT page. 

This year art class will look a little different. Instead of having students travel to the art room, I’ll be coming to them on my art cart and posting digital lessons for my students at home. Grades 3-6 should make sure to check our Art Google Classroom frequently for their weekly remote art assignment for the days they will be at home. Students will get the class code to log in on our first day of in person art class together.

Our specials schedule has changed this year. I’ll see each homeroom group of students 22 school days in a row and then switch to the following homeroom group. Here is the schedule so you can plan accordingly:

This year may look a little different, but we artists can find beauty in the craziest of places. I am looking forward to a creative and interesting year with all of my CM students!

                            Artfully yours,

🌈Mrs. Emily Compton