This Week

his week:

  • Monday, February 18: – No School
  • Tuesday, February 19: Book Exchange
  • Wednesday, February 20: Shine Time 9:00
  • Thursday, February 21:
  • Friday, February 22: Spelling Test, Kid’s At Work Day

Upcoming Events:

  • February 26 – Spring pictures
  • March 1 – 1:30 Early Dismissal
  • March 11 – PTO Meeting
  • March 22 – End of the 3rd Marking Period
  • March 22 – 1:30 Early Dismissal
  • March 29 – We ARE in school today!

This Week

Upcoming Events:

February 14 – Valentine’s Day Exchange

February 15 – Weather Make-up/Vacation – Yes we do have school now

February 18 – No School President’s Day Vacation

February 22 – Kids At Work Day @ CM – more info. coming soon!

This Week

100th Day is Monday, February 4th. Your child is welcome to dress like he/she is 100 to celebrate. We will be doing many fun activities to celebrate being 100 days smarter! New spelling words will come home. Your child will also be bringing home a class list for Valentine’s Day cards. We will be celebrating friendship on Thursday, February 14th with a card exchange.

Report cards: Report cards were sent home on Friday. Please keep the report card itself, but return the signed envelope and comment sheet as soon as possible. Please contact me with any questions! If you would like to know more about how your child is doing in school, please feel free to call or e-mail me! I would be happy to discuss your child’s progress and answer any questions you may have.

Monday, Book Exchange and Applied Engineering

Tuesday, Gym

Wednesday, Art

Thursday, Music

Friday, Applied Engineering, Spelling test.

Kids At Work Day

Construction Worker       Athlete        Dental Hygienist 

Retail Manager         Vet        Artist       Fashion Designer 

Chef           Entrepreneur        Teacher           Firefighter 

   Caregiver            Marine Biologist        Police Officer

Kids at Work Day is on Friday, February 22, 2019!

As a way to promote career exploration and awareness with our elementary students, the Penn Manor elementary schools are planning a special day across the district.

On Friday, February 22, 2019 students are invited to wear clothing that represents careers they may be interested in exploring as an adult.

Our hope is that Kids at Work Day is a great way to start conversations at home and at school about different types of careers, why someone chooses a career, and what kind of training/schooling is needed to get started in a particular career.


The Elementary School Counselors

Nichole Hinkle, Hambright

Kimberly Juba, Conestoga and Martic

Shannon Madara, Central Manor

Michele Semple, Pequea

Samantha Strosser, Eshleman and Letort


Additional Resources

Success In the New Economy


Easy-to-Make Career Hats

Free Career Activities for Parents and Students

This Week in 1M

Monday, January 28 – Day D – Engineering, New Spelling words will be coming home. The test will be on Thursday, January 31.

Tuesday, January 29 – Day A – Gym

Wednesday, January 30 – Day B – Art

Thursday, January 31 – Day C – Music, We will be taking our spelling test

Friday, February 1 – Day D – Engineering, 100th Day of School Celebration – Dress like you are 100!


Which types of cereal are attracted to a magnet?

On Thursday, we are going to test different types of cereal to see if they are attracted to a magnet. We could use your help to get as many different kinds of cereal as possible to test. Please send in a small baggie of any type of cereal that you have in your kitchen cabinet.

Thank you for your help!h

January 14-25

Our class enjoyed experimenting with magnets yesterday!

Tuesday, January 15 – Gym, Bring in box tops!

Wednesday, January 16 – Art

Thursday, January 17- Music

Friday, January 18 – No School

Monday, January 21 – No School

Tuesday, January 22 – Tech Ed with Mr. Andrew

Wednesday, January 23 – Art

Thursday, January 24 – Music

Friday, January 25 – Tech Ed – Spelling test on lesson 14 words.