Thursday, May 21

Grade 1 Learning Activities 

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Math →  Halves

Work through the powerpoint on halves.

Choose 1 activity from the assignment slide to send to your teacher.  

For a printable PDF of the Have a Half worksheet, click here.  

If you cannot access the powerpoint, look at the worksheet below.  Start at the top with the description of halves and then complete the worksheet recording answers on a blank sheet.  Send your answers to your teacher.  

ELA → Word Work 

Join Mrs. Adams for phonemic awareness, to read and write high frequency words in sentences, to practice spelling words, and to build -out, -ow words.

*You will need a piece of paper or white board with a writing utensil.

There are no activities to turn in for ELA today! 

Social Studies → 5 Themes of Geography: Regions

Supplies Needed: computer

Lesson Procedures: Students should view this slide show about regions.  Some parts are interactive.  Have fun learning about regions!

Five Themes of Geography -Regions

There are no activities to turn in for social studies today!

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