Friday, May 22

Grade 1 Learning Activities 

Friday, May 22, 2020

Math → Fun Fact Friday 

Watch Mrs. McElheny explain this Fun Fact Friday game.

Click here for a pdf of the game board to print or create one of your own.  

ELA → Verb Hunt

Join Mrs. Mattern to go on a verb hunt while listening to the story Who Would Win? Ultimate Ocean Rumble.

Please send your teacher your list of verbs from the book.

Social Studies → 5 Themes of Geography: Regions

Supplies Needed: 

  • Computer 
  • Choose one of the following: Regions 2 Worksheet printed OR lined paper/marker board with writing utensil

Lesson Procedures: 

  1. Watch the video to learn about regions of land with Mrs. Davis.

  1. Watch this video to help Mrs. Davis with regions of land today!

           Here is the link for printable version of the Regions 2 worksheet:

  1.  Extras: 
  • Review the 5 Themes of Geography by watching this rap “performed” by first grade teachers, Megan Miller, Melissa Douts, Casie Saxton, Amanda Davis and Maribeth Zurn, see link below.

  • Watch and sing along to “This Land is Your Land” video and song.  

There are no activities to turn in for social studies today!

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