Marking Period 1 Grade Check in…

Today, your daughter/son will be going home with a MP 1 Grade Check In. It will be in their Friday Folder. These are their current grades for all subject areas (since they just started Science this week, that grade is not listed). This Check In needs to be signed and will be due on Wednesday (same day as signed Friday Folders!) These grades are not their final report card grades however the marking period does end on October 24th. Let me know if you have any questions! Happy Friday!

Race for Education is this FRIDAY!

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The students at Central Manor have raised thousands of dollars so far for our school in sponsorships (our goal is $15,000!) for Race for Education! Please join us on Friday to cheer on your daughter/son while they participate in this hour long fun run. Our time slot is from 1:00-2:00 pm.  PTO will have a parent volunteer with spectator badges and a sign-in sheet at the event. You do not have to come into the school to sign in/out.

Hope to see you there! Remind your son/daughter to wear sneakers on Friday!

Welcome Back!

Mrs. O’Donnell’s Class 2019-2020

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My blog is a way for you to feel connected to your child’s learning. It is also a great way to stay in the loop with special announcements throughout the year. If you ever have any questions or concerns- as always please email me at or call me directly at (717) 872-1401 ext. 3225

What have we been learning?

Math: We have dove right into Chapter 1: Place Value! We reviewed place value through millions, learned the standard, word, and expanded forms of whole numbers, and compared large numbers. We have been learning all about decimals, converting them into fractions, learning how to expand decimals and understanding the relationships between each place value within decimals. This can be a tricky concept! We will continue Chapter 1 over the next few weeks.

Social Studies: Your child has started their first Social Studies Unit: 13 Colonies. Over the next few weeks, we will learn about the three regions of the 13 colonies (colonies, land, climate, economy, and diversity of people) Anytime a quiz or test is given in Content, your child will receive a study guide at least two days prior to the assessment. After Unit 1 is complete, my homeroom will travel to Mrs. Purzycki’s room for their first unit of Science 🙂

ELA/Grammar/Writing: We are learning all about conflict/resolution in ELA right now. We have learned the different types of sentences and how to identify a proper noun and adjective within sentences. We have been introduced to our first list of vocab words.

Spelling: Spelling packets will always be due on Fridays. Tests will always be given on Fridays as well. Students spelling grades consists of spelling packet completion and spelling tests.

Students are excited about their laptops!

As you all know, students received 1:1 laptops at the beginning of the year. These are brand new chrome books that are touch screen and can be converted into tablets. If you signed the permission form , your child is allowed to bring their laptop home. I do want to reiterate: because not every student brings their laptop home or has internet access: I will never assign homework on the laptop. If a student would like to work on a project we are doing in class at home, that is totally fine with me. Earbuds were not provided by the school this year. Your child can bring in earbuds from home to use. Laptops should be put into laptop cases if they are not in use or if they are traveling home each day. Students are expected to bring their laptop to school EVERYDAY. Laptops should be CHARGED.

Character Education Theme this month is KINDNESS

Each month, we will be discussing a different character education theme. We will complete lessons and have class discussions on how students can work on this character trait in the classroom, at home, and in the community.

Friday Folder Reminder:

Every Friday, your child will go home with their Friday Folders. These folders will have all graded assignments for the week in them. Any grade in their Friday Folder, you will also see in Sapphire. These folders need to be signed by you and are due every Wednesday. If the folders do not come back by Wednesday, students will owe me some recess time until they bring the folder in. Let me know if you have any questions about this policy!

September Special Events @ CM

9/9 PTO Meeting 6:30 PM – Library

9/24 CM School Picture Day- beginning at 9:00 AM

9/27 Early Dismissal K-12: 1:30 PM *PM KDG in session*

4.8 to 4.12: A Glimpse at our Week…

I think we have officially welcomed Spring (and the 4th marking period!)

Here is what is happening in Mrs. O’Donnell’s classroom (I apologize for not posting in awhile!)…

PSSA Spirit Week:

Monday- CM Proud Wear Blue and Gold

Tuesday- Wild about PSSA- Wear your brightest craziest outfit

Wednesday- Show your Super Smarts- Dress like Superhero

Thursday- Put on your thinking caps- wear your favorite hat

Friday- Relax, We Can Do It- Wear Pj’s

Math:  This week, we will continue with Chapter 12. We will learn the attributes of triangles, quadrilaterals, and three dimensional figures. We will learn how to find volumes of rectangular prisms. We will end our week in Math with finding the volume of composite figures by relating volume to the operations of multiplication and addition.

ELA: We will finish up Lesson 23 by completing our TDAs. We will begin Lesson 24 this week with a new set of vocab words. We will continue learning about figurative language and focus on metaphors, similes, and personification. We will read “Chester Cricket Takes New York”.

Social Studies: We will have a quiz on TUESDAY (study guides went home on Friday). We will continue with out Western Expansion Unit this week by learning about Manifest Destiny, The Oregon Trail, The Trail of Tears, and the Gold Rush!

Spelling: Lesson 25 will be tested on Friday 4/19. (This is a two week packet) There is an additional page in this packet that will be Extra Credit!

Grammar: Students will identify the proper usage for good, well, real, very. We will also identify negatives within sentences.

Writing: We will begin our Magazine Unit by choosing our topics and beginning our advertisements!

Friday Folders are due on Wednesday SIGNED

*WE WILL BE GOING TO THE BOOK FAIR ON WEDNESDAY THIS WEEK! Everything is buy one, get one free!!

Report Cards will be sent home on MONDAY! Please sign the envelope and return ASAP 🙂

Field Trip Permission Forms will be sent home THIS WEEK! I will post a blog about our upcoming field trip soon (May 22nd)

April Happenings:

9- CM Spring Concert Assembly 2:30 PM

9- CM Spring Concert 7:00 PM

11- 5th & 6th Grade Band/Orchestra Concert at HS 7:00 PM

15-17 ELA PSSA Testing

15- PTO Meeting 6:30 PM Library


19- No School Spring Break

22- No School Spring Break

24-25 Math PSSA Testing

3.11 to 3.15: A Glimpse at Our Week…

This month’s character education theme is Responsibility. We are having a school wide competition, where we keep track of how many times our entire class does our math homework in the month of March. Let’s be responsible and get our HW done!

Here is what is happening in Mrs. O’Donnell’s classroom…

Math:  This week, we will continue with Chapter 10 and learn all about dividing fractions. We will begin reviewing for our test at the end of the week and our test will be next week.

ELA: We will finish up Lesson 19 this week with our TDAs and our focus skill assessment. We will be starting Lesson 21 and will learn all about our new focus skill: Author’s Purpose. We will read “Interrupted Journey” and be introduced to new vocab words.

Spelling: Lesson 22 will be tested on Friday 3/22. (This is a two week packet)

Grammar: We will take an adjective quiz this week. We will also learn how to compare using adjectives.

Our Growth and Development Lesson with Mr. Binkley (boys) and Nurse Nichols (girls) will be on Thursday morning.

***On Thursday afternoon, we will have Electronics Day! (Permission forms were sent home on Monday if students want to bring in a personal electronic device. They are due on Thursday.) This was an incentive they earned for reaching their Newsela Mastercard goal for the month of February!

Friday Folders are due on Wednesday SIGNED


11- PTO Meeting- 6:30 PM Library

12- 3-4 Discover Co-hort

14- 5-6 Discover Co-hort

22- KDG Library Field Trip- AM Only

22- Early Dismissal 1:30pm

26- 3-4 Discover Co-hort

26- END OF MP 3!

28- 5-6 Discover Co-hort

28- Lunch and Learn 11:10-12:10

2.25 to 3.1: A Glimpse at Our Week…

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Here is what is happening in Mrs. O’Donnell’s classroom…

Math:  This week, we will wrap up Chapter 9. Our test will be on Friday. We will learn how to subtract mixed numbers, use fraction equivalence to subtract with renaming, and learn how to determine reasonableness (in word problems).

ELA: We will continue Lesson 18 this week by practicing how to identify main idea within non fiction and fictional texts. We will do a silk worm web quest to build our background knowledge and read “Project Mulberry”.

Social Studies: We will take our test on Wednesday and finish this unit with our Bill of Rights raps/songs. We are having a lot of fun with this project so far! My students will begin their science unit for this MP on Monday, March 4th.

Spelling: Lesson 20 will be tested on Friday 3/1. There is an extra page in the packets this week that is extra credit. Lesson 21 packets/test will be due on March 8th.

Grammar: We will identify more irregular verbs this week and contractions with NOT.

Friday Folders are due on Wednesday SIGNED


26- Spring Pictures