5-O Google Meet: Thursday April 9th at 2 pm (Optional)

Hello 5-O! I will be setting up a Google Meet with my students for Thursday, April 9th at 2 pm. THIS IS OPTIONAL! I am hoping many are able to hop on to say hello and for me to teach them how to use Google Meet as we move forward with our virtual learning plan. I made a quick PDF as a guide on how to attend their first Google Meeting and the “Rules” to follow. I tried to make it as simple as possible. I will be sending an “invite” through email sometime tomorrow. Please let me know if you have questions!


Hangouts Meet: Google's recommended webcams, headsets - 9to5Google

Report Cards- TODAY

Third marking period report cards will be uploaded TODAY April 3rd. Parents will need to access their child’s Sapphire account in order to review.

Additionally, any student with an Academic Support Plan and/or IEP can also locate their third quarter progress reports in their student Sapphire account.

Accessing a Sapphire Account


Log in  here for existing accounts.

Here are directions of how to locate the documents in Sapphire.

Availability of InformationStudent attendance and grading information is available to parents of student in grades 3-12 via Sapphire. The website is: https://sapphire.pennmanor.net/CommunityWebPortal/. Teachers generally update grade information every two weeks.

Student Accounts
A Sapphire login account is comprised of a username, password and security pin code. Student account information are initially given to new incoming 7th graders in August. Students who did not receive initial login instructions or those who are newly enrolled should visit the main school office for login information.

Parent Accounts
Parents and guardians are encouraged to create private login separate from their child’s account. Do so by visiting: https://sapphire.pennmanor.net/CommunityWebPortal/Welcome.cfm and clicking on the Community Portal Application link under the Getting Started section of the site.

Step One of the account creation process is the entry of a keyword. The keyword is: comets

Next, parents will be required to accept the site policy and then complete the online account application.

Finally, Parents must fill out the form electronically.  Be sure to include all of your children that are enrolled in the Penn Manor School District under the “Children Information” section so that they are all linked to your account. Once you have completed all required fields, press “Save and Continue”.

Once your application has been reviewed by the Sapphire Administrator, and approved, you will receive an email at the email address you provided with your assigned PIN. You will then use your selected UserName and Password and the assigned PIN to access Sapphire as a parent.

Parent account holders may also setup email notifications that signal when teachers have posted grades and/or other information to their student’s online Backpack.

Lost Passwords
For security reasons, the district will not disclose username or password information over the phone or via email. Parents or students who have lost passwords may stop by the main office of their school to have the password reset. Parents may be asked to produce proper identification to retrieve their student’s account information.

Sapphire is compatible with Linux, Mac and Windows systems running a current web browser. We recommend the latest version of Firefox or Google Chrome

AntiVirus, Spyware and System Patches
We strongly encourage all parents and students to keep their AntiVirus software up-to-date and apply all security patches released by Microsoft. Also, consider running an anti-SpyWare program for Windows such as AdAware or Spybot on a regular basis. A free Anti-Virus software package is available from AVG and may be downloaded here. Parents are also encouraged to stay abreast of Microsoft system patches via Windows Update.

Browser Cookies & Pop-Up WindowsPlease note that in order for Sapphire to function properly, Cookies must be accepted for pennmanor.net via your web browser. Sapphire may utilize pop-up windows to notify users of important information and announcements. For this reason, please turn off any pop-up blocking software you may use when you enter the website and turn it back on after you log out. Sapphire never uses pop-ups for advertisements.

Questions, problems, and suggestions regarding Sapphire can be directed to: sapphiresupport@pennmanor.net

Penn Manor Remote Learning Opportunities!

Hello 5-O! The district has created a website to provide optional learning opportunities to all students in the district. Please head to the elementary page and click on 5th grade for some engaging math, ELA, and content review activities. I am available to answer any and all questions pertaining to the activities. When students complete an activity, they are encouraged to email me their work or share it with me through google drive. Remember- this is OPTIONAL and will not be graded. I will provide feedback though! Happy Learning! I miss you all so much!


Penn Manor Proud!

In this time of uncertainty, it’s clear that Penn Manor has an amazing community. Let’s show our PM pride by wearing blue and gold or other Penn Manor attire on Wednesday, March 25. Share your photos with the #PMProud tagline via Twitter, Facebook, or any social media account.

Please Read:

A message from Dr. Leichliter: Penn Manor schools are closed through March 27 in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak. It is unclear whether that status will change or when we may be able to resume normal operations. As we all deal with this unprecedented challenge, we want to let students and parents know that the education of children is on hold as the district evaluates options moving forward. Penn Manor continues to follow direction from the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Please understand that teachers will not be instructing students, grading assignments, or corresponding on instructional matters during the current 10-day closure. While teachers may have resources for students such as active Google Classrooms for their lessons, there is no expectation for student attendance or submission of assignments between March 16 and March 30.

As most of you know, I taught my class how to check their emails and compose emails on Friday. Please let them know they can email me anytime during this time (for whatever reason!!) I would love to hear from them. At this time, no assignments are required of them. Stay Healthy <3

Attention Families!

Hello families!

I understand there may be questions surrounding any expectation for students to complete work/assignments during the two-week closure. At this point, I will hold off on communicating anything specific until I receive more information about any district plans.

In the meantime, I would recommend students take the opportunity to read and possibly spend time on web-based learning sites we often use (i.e. Prodigy, Khan AcademyFog Stone IsleNewselaBrainPoP, Discovery Education, and CS First – Scratch ).

Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns. I will do my best to assist in any way that I can.

-Mrs. O’Donnell


Image result for eye exam

UPDATE ONE: We will be doing our health screenings tomorrow 1/27, so if your child has glasses PLEASE make sure they are wearing them tomorrow! If not, they will have to reschedule the eye exam part of the screening.

Image result for REPORT CARDS

UPDATE TWO: You child will be going home with their MP2 report cards tomorrow, 1/27. Please sign the yellow folder, keep the report card, and send it back to school as soon as you can. Thanks!

Marking Period 2 Grade Check In…

Marking Period 2 Grade Check Ins will be going out on Monday, December 16th. These are your child’s grades SO FAR. The marking period is not over until January 10th so there will be more grades going in. Please SIGN this paper. It will be due back no later than Friday December 20th. Please email me with any questions, comments, or concerns you may have.