Monthly Archives: September 2016

The Week of September 26th…


Our final week of September is a busy one!


Here is what is on our agenda this week in Mrs. O’Donnell’s classroom:

In Math…we are learning about prime factorization, powers and exponents, and finding products of equations mentally. There will be a quiz on Lessons 1-5 on Wednesday. We will review on Tuesday. Remember, if your child forgets their homework or math book at school or would like additional practice, please have them log on to (Their username and password is written in their assignment book). This website provides the entire math book online, with print ready pages to work on!

In Social Studies….we are wrapping up our unit on Government this week and will have our test on Thursday. My students have been busy learning about the Articles of Confederation, The Constitution, The Bill of Rights, and the Voting Process. This week, we will play a series of review games to prepare for our Test. On Monday, October 3rd, my students will travel to 5-P’s room for their first unit of Science.

In Writing….we will be reviewing TDA’s -“How do Break Down a Prompt”

In Spelling…we will have our Lesson 4 spelling test this Friday. Spelling packets are due on Friday.

Here are our spelling words:

hurrying, carried, tried, hurried, playing, obeyed, driving, talked, smiling, dropped, clapping, stepped, worried, worrying, changing, stayed, buying, dried, picnicking, scared

*Please make sure your children study these words to prepare for their spelling test.*

In Reading…we will be finishing Lesson 3 of Story town on “Chang and the Bamboo Flute” and taking our lesson vocabulary test. We will be doing a project as our graded assignment for this lesson. We will start Lesson 4 “The Daring Nellie” and learn more about our focus skill- Character Motives with this story.