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The Week of October 31st…

I can’t believe October has come and gone and marking period 1 is over!


Here is what is happening in Mrs. O’Donnell’s classroom this week…

In Math…this week we are learning how to divide a one digit number by up to a four digit  number,  students will learn how to understand how to place the first digit in a quotient, Students will solve division problems that result in quotients that have zeros, and students will interpret the remainder in a division problem. Busy week! We are gearing up for our Chapter 3 Test that will be given next week.

In Social Studies…we will be reviewing for our Government Test on Monday, and will be taking our test on Tuesday. On Wednesday, my homeroom students will be switching back to my room and we will start out unit on The 13 Colonies. We will be learning about the English Settlement in Jamestown, the Pilgrims, and the differences between life in the 1600’s and life today. Students in my homeroom will be having their science test on Tuesday to wrap up their unit on plant and animal cells.

In Spelling…the students were given their Lesson 8 spelling packets on Friday 10/28. These packets are not due until November 11th. We will not have a spelling test this Thursday. Our test will be November 11th. Our words this week are…

entire, hospital, combine, public, chimney, golden, survive, turmoil, absorb, journey, wisdom, whisper, identify, pretzel, establish, capture, furnace, nursery, marvelous, condition

In Reading… we will be finishing lesson 7 “When the Circus Came to Town” with our assessment on Monday. We will write a TDA surrounding the theme of this story on Tuesday. On Wednesday, we will start Lesson 8 “When George Washington Crossed the Delaware”. Our focus skill for this lesson is Sequencing.

In Grammar…we will work on run on sentences and prepositions this week.


  • Marking Period 1 ends on 10/31
  • There is NO school on Friday 11/5
  • We will have early dismissal next week on Wednesday 11/9, Thursday 11/10, and Friday 11/11 @ 1:30 (for parent-teacher conferences)
  • You will be receiving your child’s report card during conferences

PPL Presentation on Thursday 10/27…


The PPL Think Energy Program will be coming to 5th grade on Thursday October 27th! Our 5th grade students will participate in a presentation all about energy conducted by the National Energy Foundation. Your child will be given a Take Action Kit of energy efficient products (the kits are REALLY COOL!). Please fill out the BLUE  slip in order to give your child permission to bring home the kits. The forms are due on THURSDAY. If the forms are not signed, your child will not be able to take a kit home with them. I am sending home the permission slips TODAY (Tuesday).  Please email me with any questions.

The Week of 10/24…

Fall is here to stay (hopefully!)


Here is what is happening in Mrs. O’Donnell’s class this week…(this is our LAST full week of the first marking period…can you believe it!?)

In Math…students did a  great job with their first week of math stations! This week we will be learning how to divide mentally, taking our “Checking our Progress” Lesson 1-4 quiz, learning how to estimate quotients, learning  how to solve division equations using the Distributive Property and Partial Quotient, and we will learn how to divide up to a four digit number by a one digit number. Busy week! Remember, if your child forgets to bring their math homework home or would like to get additional practice with a particular concept, our entire math book is accessible online at All students have a username and password. (If I am not your student’s homeroom teacher, please email their teacher for more information.)

In Social Studies….we will be wrapping up our Government Unit this week with the Bill of Rights and learning about The Voting Process. Our test will be on FRIDAY. Next week, my homeroom students will be returning to me (they are currently with 5-P for science) and we will be starting  the 13 Colonies unit to begin the 2nd marking period.)

In Spelling…lesson 7 spelling packets were distributed on Thursday 10/20. They are do on Friday 10/28. Our spelling words this week are…..

babble, message, kennel, fiddler, arrange, slippery, common, bellow, squirrel, tissue, excellent, summary, settler, announcer, appeal, suppose, success, collect, terrific, hurricane

In Reading…students started working on their lesson 6 project on Thursday and I cannot wait to see the final product! Students are writing and illustrating children’s books with prevalent themes. They will have time to work on them this week and present them to the class. We are also starting lesson 7 this week in Story town. The story we are focusing on is “When the Circus Came to Town”. Our focus skill continues to be Theme for this story. Lesson 7 will include a written test.


  • Conference dates and times will be sent home on Monday. This information will be sent home with students (green form). Please cut off the bottom half of this form, sign, and return. I followed closely what was requested on the orange slips. Please let me know if there are conflicts. (Email works best!)
  • Conference dates: 11/9 & 11/10
  • Half days- 11/9, 11/10, 11/11
  • End of Marking Period 1: October 31st

It’s Red Ribbon Week!

It is Red Ribbon Week!


10/24 – Monday: Team Up Against Drugs. Wear your favorite sports team apparel.

10/25 – Tuesday: “Orange” you glad you don’t do drugs? (wear orange)

10/26 – Wednesday: Support Red Ribbon week. (wear red)

10/27 – Thursday: Be a “Jean-ious” – Don’t DO Drugs. (wear jeans)

10/28 – Friday: Support Penn Manor Pink Out – Wear Pink

The Week of October 17th…

We had so much fun last week performing “It Takes Talent” during Reader’s Theater. We practiced our reading fluency and expression while working in groups to put together these plays! My students are so creative! Here are some pictures of the plays they performed…

 20161013_143742 20161012_150749 20161012_150452 20161012_150218 20161012_145451

Here is what is happening in Mrs. O’Donnell’s classroom this week…

In Math…we will be starting Chapter 3 in our math curriculum this week.  From this chapter on, I will be formatting my math classes a little differently. Every day, we will have 40 minutes of whole group instruction on that day’s lesson. Then my students will rotate through three different stations each day. Station 1 will be run by Ms. Griener (my enrollment related aide). She will be organizing “Rocket Math” with my students (basic multiplication/division facts). Station 2 will be run my Mrs. Schlegal (our AST aide). This station will always reiterate what we learned the day before. Station 3 will be run by me and it will be the station where we go over that day’s lesson. All students will rotate through each station every day. This week we will learn how division and multiplication are related, learn how to divide using different models, how to mentally divide, and how to estimate quotients by rounding (lessons 1-4).

 In Social Studies….we will be continuing our discussion and activities with the three branches of government and learn about the 7 Articles of the Constitution. We will have our first quiz on Thursday. A study guide will be sent home on Monday. (5-P’s class)

In Writing….we will be reviewing TDA’s.(Students will be writing their first graded TDA in Lesson 7 of Story town.)  A TDA quiz will be given on Tuesday.

In Spelling…we will have our spelling test on Thursday, October 20th on Lesson 6 spelling words. Spelling packets are due on Thursday as well. Lesson 7 packets will be distributed on Thursday. Please visit last week’s post to check out what our spelling words are.

In Reading… we will be continuing Lesson 6 in Story Town…”The Night of San Juan”. The students did an EXCELLENT job on Friday identifying theme in small stories, and will continue to do so this week with this story. They will start their project for this lesson at the end of the week which will involve creating a children’s book with a partner that is centered around a particular theme that they create.


  • If your child has not yet turned in their orange conference slip, please do so ASAP. I am looking forward to seeing everyone at conferences in November!
  • School Pictures will be coming home with your child on MONDAY.
  • Signed Friday Folders are due back to school no later than WEDNESDAY of each week.

The Week of October 11th…

I hope everyone enjoyed their 3 day weekend and it was full of fall family fun! This weekend my husband and I celebrated our dog, Rigby’s, 4th birthday and took her on a long hike in the woods. This is the best weather for hikes… 🙂 But let’s get back into the swing of things! Here is what is happening in Mrs. O’Donnell’s classroom this week…


In Math…we will be taking our Chapter 2 test on Wednesday. We will be starting Chapter 3 at the end of the week. In Chapter 3, we will utilize math stations for each lesson in order to further review important math concepts.

In Social Studies….we will be learning about The Preamble (the introduction of The Constitution) and learn about the 3 branches of government. We will take a government quiz on Thursday. We will learn about each article of The Constitution on Friday.

In Writing….we will work on narrative writing prompts. Mrs. Amy Wall will be visiting us on Wednesday to continue our lessons on TDA’s.

In Grammar….we will work on Lesson 8 & 9 in our Sadler Grammar Curriculum. Lesson 8 teaches us about complex sentences and Lesson 9 teaches us about how to fix fragments and run on sentences.

In Spelling…we will be starting lesson 6 of our spelling unit this week. The spelling test for this set of words will not be until Thursday October 20th. The packets were distributed to your children on Friday, October 7th. They are due on Thursday October 20th. There are no challenge list words this week. The spelling words are…

drizzle, gobble, meddle, shuffle, bundle, pickle, hobble, topple, hurtle, vehicle, struggle, wiggle, spindle, speckle, griddle, ripple, article, triple, jingle, bugle

In Reading….we will be finishing Lesson 5 in Story Town this week. The students will be performing their Reader’s Theater “It Takes Talent”. They are busy assigning roles, practicing, and making props for their final performance, which will be on Wednesday. Vocab test will be given on Thursday. We will start Lesson 6 “The Night of San Juan” on Friday. Our focus skill for this lesson is Theme.


The Week of October 3rd…

Welcome fall!


October is one of my favorite months out of the year. The weather is changing and everyone seems to be in a great mood! The students get to enjoy some amazing recess weather and they are really getting used to the routines of our school day .

Here is what is happening in Mrs. O’Donnell’s classroom this week…

In Math…we are learning the distributive property and how to solve multi-digit multiplication equations mentally (two digit by one digit and three digit by one digit).  Also, we will be learning how to solve multiplication problems by estimating. On Wednesday and Thursday we will be reviewing for our Chapter 2 test. We will take our test starting Friday.

In Social Studies… my homeroom students will transition to their first unit of Science this week and I will be getting 5-P’s homeroom to begin our Government unit. This week we will learn all about the Articles of Confederation, why they failed, and what we did next as a country (create The Constitution!) We will be doing some fun interactive station work and watching some educational you tube clips that go along with our objectives this week. I am looking forward to meeting my new social studies class!

In Writing…we will continue working on breaking down TDA prompts and Amy Wall, our literature coach will be visiting us again this week to work further on the TDA writing process.

In Spelling…we will be starting lesson 5 of our spelling unit this week. The students we received their spelling packets on Friday 9/30. The packets are due this Friday 10/7. Remember, these spelling packets count towards their overall spelling grade. The students who qualified for the Challenge List will receive their words on Monday. Our lesson 5 spelling words are…

rayon, twice, reason, kneeling, fraud, feud, jewel, royalty, appoint, buying, hurried, obeyed, scared, changing, driving, stretch, measure, does, coach, drawn

In Grammar….we will be working on Lesson 7 in our grammar curriculum “Simple Sentences and Compound Sentences”

In Reading…we will be finishing up Lesson 4 “The Daring Nellie Bly” in Story town. Our test will be on Tuesday (Comprehension, Focus Skill, Vocabulary). We will be beginning Lesson 5 “It Takes Talent” on Wednesday and implementing Reader’s Theater into this lesson! Our focus skills for this story are Character Motives and Conflict Resolution (A review of Lessons 1, 2, 3, and 4.)

Reminder- Friday Folders are given to my students every Friday. The folders have the graded assignments for that week in them. The folders need to be signed and returned so I know you saw your child’s grades for that week. They are due no later than Wednesday of the following week. If you have any questions regarding my Friday Folder policy, please let me know. As always, you can email me at or reach me (before school 8am-9am) or (after school 3:45pm-4:30pm) at 717-872-1401 ext. 3225.