The Week of November 14th…

It was so great meeting all of my student’s parents this week at our conferences. It brings me so much joy teaching your child everyday, and your child would not be as successful as he/she was in Marking Period 1 without YOUR support. Thank you so very much for all that you do as a parent. ūüôā


Here is what is happening in Mrs. O’Donnell’s classroom this week…

In Math…we will be starting Chapter 4 and learning how to estimate quotients with 2 digit divisors, we will learn how to divide a 2 digit¬†number by up to a 3 digit number, we will learn how to adjust¬†the quotient, and we will¬†learn how to divide greater numbers by¬†multi-digit divisors.¬†The students will be given a quiz on Wednesday that will check their progress for lessons 1 through 3. Like always, we will work¬†in math stations this week,¬†reiterating our current lesson of the day, the previous lesson from the day¬†before, and basic math fact practice.

In Social Studies…we will be continuing our discussion on the 3 Regions of the 13 Colonies and completing a poster project in pairs. We will learn the difference between an Indentured Servant and a Slave in colonial times and complete a Venn Diagram comparing and contrasting the two categories. We will have a 3 Regions Quiz on Thursday. A study guide will be sent home on Tuesday.

In Spelling…the students were given their Lesson 9 spelling packets on Friday November 11th. We will be having our spelling test on Friday November 18th. Our spelling words are….

congress, English, fortress, expression, conclude, complain, complex, distrust, contribute, explode, umbrella, merchandise, remembrance, concrete, goggles, portray, technique, accomplish, function, membrane

As always, I recommend that students study these words throughout the week in order to be prepared for the test at the end of the week.

In Reading…we will be reading our Lesson 9 story this week “Leonardo’s Horse”. We will work on sequencing for this story and learn more about Leonardo Da Vinci and his¬†many¬†accomplishments throughout his life. We will be practicing our Robust Vocabulary that¬†goes along with this lesson, completing a genre study on narrative non-fiction, and working on narrative paragraph writing. We will have our Lesson 9 test¬†on Thursday and Friday of this week. The test will include an assessment of comprehension, focus skill,¬†vocabulary, and writing.

In Grammar…we will be learning the difference between dependent and independent clauses in complex sentences.


  • Picture Retake Day is Tuesday, November 15th.
  • Penn Manor Food Drive will end on November 18th. 5th graders are asked to bring in canned cranberry sauce for families in need. We will keep a tally of the total amount of cans we have as a class! So far, we have 3 cans! Keep em’ coming!
  • November 14th- PTO meeting at 6:30pm
  • November 23rd to 28th- Thanksgiving Break

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