The Week of 11/29…

I hope everyone had a relaxing few days off! It is hard to believe December is upon us! It is also hard to believe that there are only 33 days left in 2016!


Here is what is happening in Mrs. O’Donnell’s classroom this week…

In Math…we will be finishing our Chapter 4 tests on Tuesday. On Wednesday and for the rest of the week, we will be working on Chapter 5 of our math curriculum. In this Chapter, students will be learning how to round, add, and subtract decimals. As always, we will be working in our stations! Please note* Students receive math homework every night except on days they have a test or Fridays. If your child forgets to bring home their math homework for the night, you can always access the math book online at! Please email me if you have any trouble logging in or accessing curriculum content.

In Social Studies…we will be continuing our assignment on Slavery and reviewing for our assessment for this unit. We will have our 13 Colonies Test on Friday, December 2nd. Students will be given a study guide on Wednesday. Monday will be our last day of Social Studies. My homeroom students will begin going to 5-P for their next Science Unit.

In Spelling…Lesson 10 spelling is a review of Lessons #6-9. Lesson 10 spelling packets were passed out on Friday, November 18. Packets are  due on Friday, December 2nd.

Our spelling words are….

goggles, conclude, hospital, excellent, message, technique, arrange, expression, accomplish, vehicle, bundle, hurtle, struggle, hurricane, triple, journey, golden, merchandise, terrific

In Reading…we will continue with Lesson 10 in our Story town curriculum this week. This story is a Reader’s Theater with a focus skill of sequencing. Students will be split up into 4 groups and will be assigned roles for this play. Each group will create props and perform in front of their peers. Reader’s Theater is a wonderful way to practice reading fluency and expression! We will have our vocab assessment for this lesson on Thursday, December 1st.  This week is the start of Guided Reading! Students will be divided into three reading groups, based on their reading needs. Each group will be assigned a chapter book. Each group will be pulled for 15 minute sessions with the teacher to discuss and reflect on the novel they are reading. We will focus on comprehension, vocabulary, and reading fluency during our guided reading time each day. Guided reading will run from Monday to Thursday of each week (Fridays will be allotted for grammar and spelling)

This week students will begin reading “A Dog’s Life”, “Kid in the Red Jacket”, and “Island of the Blue Dolphin”.


  • Winter is sneaking up on us! Please remind your children to bring winters coats, hats, and gloves to school. Mr. Malek reminded the students last week that if the weather is NOT below freezing and it is sunny, students will go outside to recess. BRRRR!!!
  • We will have a fire drill on Tuesday, November 29th.
  • If you are not already signed up for my REMIND APP, please do so! This is a great way for me to communicate last minute changes in our schedule. It is also a great way for parents to quickly get in touch with me. (All “texts” go straight to my remind app on my cell phone.)  Email me for directions to sign up:

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