The Week of 12/19…

I hope all of you enjoy a relaxing and healthy holiday break! Your children have been working so hard this school year and they all truly deserve a vacation! Thank you for being such a supportive and important part in your child’s education.  See you in 2017!!

Here is the what is happening in Mrs. O’Donnell’s classroom this week…

In Math…this week in math we will be learning how to multiply decimals by decimals, multiply decimals by the powers of ten, and use the Commutative, Associative, and Identity properties to multiply mentally. Students will have a “Check my Progress” quiz on Tuesday for lessons 1-5.

In Social Studies….Mrs. Purzycki’s students will learn about the 3 regions of the 13 colonies while doing various activities to learn about each region’s economy, diversity, climate, land formation, and colonies. They will end their week by creating a poster depicting one of the regions in partners.

In Spelling…we will be working on Lesson 13 this week. Packets are due on Friday 12/23. Our test will be on Friday 12/23 as well. Please remind your child that in addition to completing their spelling packets, they should also be studying their words each night. The spelling lists are becoming more and more challenging each week! If your child is looking for additional practice, please visit for fun spelling games for our Lesson 13 list.

Our spelling words this week are….

appointment, divisible, apartment, argument, digestible, resentment, worthless, judgment, priceless, amazement, boundless, motionless, aimless, embarrassment, dispensable, admissible, development, irresistible, ageless, capable

In Reading…we will be finishing up our lesson 12 story “The Ultimate Field Trip” with a Text Dependent Analysis (TDA). We will also take our comprehension test on this story on Wednesday. We will be previewing our new story (A Drop of Water) at the end of the week. Our focus skill for Lesson 14 is Cause and Effect.


-We have early dismissal on Friday 12/23 (1:30pm)

-Shine time will be on Friday (Carol Singing) at 10:30am.

-On Thursday, 12/22, it is Holiday Hat Day! If your child would like to wear a holiday hat to school, they will need to donate 25 cents to the student council. Please refrain from having them wear hats that make noise or light up.


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