The week of 4/17…

I hope everyone had a wonderful spring vacation and time was spent outside! This weather has been so beautiful lately…(Let’s hope it stays that way!)

                               Here is what is happening in Mrs. O’Donnell’s classroom this week…

In Math…we will begin Chapter 12 this week (geometry). Students will classify two dimensional shapes based on properties. They will learn how to classify triangles based on attributes, such as side measures and angle measures.  Students will classify quadrilaterals based on attributes, such as congruent sides, parallel sides, and right angles. Students will also describe properties of three dimensional figures this week. Reminder- Math PSSA’s will begin on Tuesday, April 25th. Students will be taking their PSSA’s in their math teacher’s room (not their homerooms)

In Social Studies…we will continue our Western Expansion Unit and learn about the War of 1812, the importance of the development of the Erie Canal, and the idea of Manifest Destiny . On Friday, we will have our first quiz on this unit. In addition to the objectives covered this week, the quiz will also cover the Louisiana Purchase and the Journey of Louis and Clark (lessons we covered last week). Students will be given study guides on Wednesday.

In Spelling…we will be covering lesson 24 in spelling this week. Students were given this Lesson 24 spelling packet on Monday April 10th.  The spelling list is activated on spelling city so please encourage your children to study their words through this website (if they have access to a computer at home) This is a fun and interactive way to learn their spelling words. I have included a definition/sentence list in the spelling packets. Packets are due on 4/21, spelling test is on 4/21.

Our spelling words this week are (same words as last week)…addresses, armies, calves, countries, leaves, buses, videos, echoes, shelves, studios, radios, halves, hooves, knives, taxes, tomatoes, opportunities, volcanoes, stitches, wolves

In Reading…we will be finishing Lesson 24 “Chester Cricket’s Pigeon Ride” on Thursday this week and beginning Lesson 25 on Friday .  We will continue to focus on figurative language, specifically similes, metaphors, and personification within texts. Students will take their vocab assessment on Wednesday for this lesson and will complete their focus skill/comprehension assessment on Thursday. We will complete a writing prompt (writer’s choice) for Lesson 24 as well at the end of this week. On Friday, students will be introduced to a new set of robust vocab words to begin Lesson 25.


April 18- CM Spring Concert
April 18- CM Concert Assembly 2:30 /Mini Shine Time 2:15-2:30
April 21- Earth Day/Garden Day
April 21- PTO Ice Cream Social
April 24-28- PSSA- MATH

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