The Week of 5/1….

Happy May! It is hard to believe that there is only 1 month left of school! Time flies when you have a great group of students 🙂

In Math…we will be reviewing Chapters 1-12 in order to prepare for our last benchmark! This week we will be reviewing Chapters 1-8. Next week, we will review Chapters 9-12 and take our (Chapters 1-12) benchmark.

In Social Studies…we will finish our last unit of 5th grade this week (Western Expansion)! We will learn about the Gold Rush (our final lesson) then take the rest of the week to review for our test. Our test will be on Friday 5/5. Students will be given a study guide on Wednesday. Next week, my homeroom students will go to science.

In Spelling…we will be covering lesson 26 in spelling this week. Students were given the Lesson 26 spelling packet on Friday 4/28.  The spelling list is activated on spelling city so please encourage your children to study their words through this website (if they have access to a computer at home) This is a fun and interactive way to learn their spelling words. I have included a definition/sentence list in the spelling packets. Packets are due on 5/5, spelling test is on 5/5.

Our spelling words this week are (same words as last week)…deactivation, disloyalty, impossibly, undoubtedly, unsuccessful, impassible, immeasurable, uncollectible, unsafely, replacement, unlikable, discoverable, rearrangement, unselfishly, unbelievable, encouragement, unbreakable, dishonesty, reappearance, reassurance

In Reading…we will be working within Lesson 26 this week of Story town “Lewis and Clark” (which ties in so well with our Social Studies unit!) Our focus skill this week is summarizing and paraphrasing. Our vocab words are Esteem, Peril, Dismal, Terrain, Ordeal, Profusely, Intently, and Asset.

In Writing…we are continuing with our Magazine Unit this week. This project is so much fun and I hope the students are enjoying it so far. Each student has chosen a”theme” and will be creating a magazine that is centered around that topic (sports, animals, fashion, etc.) There will be several writing assignments for this unit and the students are able to get really creative with each assignment! The writing pieces we will be completing this week are advertisements, advice columns, and news articles.  Let the creativity flow!


May 1-5      Spring Book Fair (My students will be going on Tuesday during Flex)
May 2          End of Year Retiree Dinner 6:00 PM High School
May 5          “Adopt-a-Vet” Program Pt.1 – Grades 5/6 only 9:15-10:00 AM
May 5          Penn Manor Spring Fling – Comet Field – 4:00-9:00 PM

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