The week of 5/8….

Here is what is happening in Mrs. O’Donnell’s classroom this week…

Remember: This Friday, we have an Early Dismissal (1:30pm)

In Math…we will finish reviewing for our (last) benchmark this week. We will begin out benchmark on Wednesday (this is a 50 question assessment that covers ALL of our 5th grade math curriculum). Next week, we will begin “front loading” Chapter 1 of 6th grade. 🙂

In Social Studies…  I will be seeing Mrs. Purzycki’s class for our Western Expansion Unit starting Tuesday and my homeroom students will go to her room for science! This week, we will be focusing on the Louisiana Purchase and Lewis and Clarke’s journey across the West.

In Spelling…we will be covering lesson 27 (only 3 more lessons to go!) in spelling this week. Students were given this Lesson 27 spelling packet on Friday May 5th. The spelling list is activated on spelling city so please encourage your children to study their words through this website (if they have access to a computer at home) This is a fun and interactive way to learn their spelling words. I have included a definition/sentence list in the spelling packets. Packets are due on 5/12 and our spelling test is also on 5/12.

Our spelling words this week are….astronomy, disaster, asterisk, astronaut, asteroid, chronic, chronicle, chronology, chronological, synchronize, cyclical, bicyclist, cyclone, encyclopedia, hydrogen, hydrant, hydrate, optic, optician, optical

Reading…we will be finishing Lesson 26 “Lewis and Clarke” by completing our TDA this week. Lesson 27 “Klondike Kate” will be introduced on Tuesday with a new set of vocab words. Our focus skill will continue to be summarizing and paraphrasing. In Grammar, we will cover contractions this week. We will continue our Magazine Unit with News Articles and Pro/Con/Product Comparison writing pieces.


May 12- Early Dismissal (1:30pm)

May 15- Olympic Day (afternoon)

May 22-Title 1 Intermediate Night 6:00-7:30 PM

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